The stone in honor of the foundation of Lida

One of the most interesting attractions of Lida is situated near the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross. This is about the stone installed in honor of the foundation of the town. It was agreed to install the massive boulder in 2008. That event was held in conjunction with the 685thanniversary of Lida.

The author of the monument became the local sculptor Richard Grusha. He found a boulder for his work in Volosovo district. The most difficult stage was the transportation of the stone as its weight was thirty tons. After a special finish, the boulder lost 10 tons. The budget of the project of the architectural monument was rather modest in Lida – about one thousand dollars.

On one side of the stone, there is an engraved coat of arms that Lida was granted alongside with the Magdeburg right. Besides, there are the date of the foundation of the town and a text in Old Slavonic. It states that the prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Gedimin bequeathed the town to his son Keystut that inherited Lida in 1330. There are some written facts about the foundation of the town in the Belarusian language on the other side of the monument.

The stone in honor of the foundation of Lida stands in Sovetskaya Street, and in any season and time of the day, it can tell visitors about the wonderful town in honor of which it is installed.