The Governor’s Palace in Vitebsk

Those people, who have managed to visit Vitebsk, note its tremendous cultural atmosphere and energy that will not leave anyone indifferent. It's no wonder, that the city on the Dvina River is called the northern capital of Belarus: it takes only a couple of hours in the city to look around and to agree with this statement.

The historic sight of Vitebsk: the Governor Palace

The Governor's Palace, imposingly situated on the left bank of the Western Dvina, is a real gem of the city, which appeared on its map in the XVIII century. Initially, the owners of the house were the nobles Kudinovichi, and then the palace was used by the Noble Assembly. The majestic palace was the Governor-General’s headquarters for a long period of time.

The Governor's Palace is remarkable for those many prominent historical figures who have visited it in Vitebsk. The fascinating palace used to open its doors for everybody! Among the most famous, we can mention the Duke of Wurttemberg, the brother of Maria Feodorovna, who lived in the building for a long time. Few of us know that Napoleon Bonaparte himself stopped at that house. It happened on the eve of the Moscow campaign, which ended for the ambitious Frenchman very badly. Napoleon chose Vitebsk and stopped there to give a rest to his army of many thousands on the eve of the decisive battle. It is known for certain, that Napoleon Bonaparte turned 43 years old in the city on the Dvina, and he celebrated that event just in the palace. At that time, brother of Nicholas I, the Grand Duke Konstantin, who caught cholera right there and died suddenly.

The Governor's Palace in Vitebsk and the events of Belarusian history

The Governor's Palace went through many things in Vitebsk: both the monarchy and the power of the Soviets. During the Soviet period, the RSDLP committee and then the provincial executive committee worked in the house. Now there is a CSS branch of Vitebsk region in the historic site. During the World War II, the Governor's Palace in Vitebsk greatly suffered, but it was rebuilt and fully restored in the postwar decades at a lightning pace. The city authorities were hatching a plan of opening a museum in the house for a long time. After all, this place has something to tell, because it has seen a lot in its long lifetime. Outstanding historical figures wandered about its spacious rooms, speculating about the fates of the state and making decisions which affected the course of world history. And we, the descendants, have an incredible opportunity to see the greatness of the palace with our own eyes, as if to touch the past.

The archietectural features of the sight in Vitebsk

The Governor's Palace consists of two buildings, erected in Vitebsk at different times. The main building (its second name is “Northern”) appeared in the XVIII century and corresponded to the popular classical aesthetics of those years. It consists of three floors, where there are both a comfortable lounge, and a spacious governor's office. The second building was attached to the construction later, and skillfully combined two architectural directions: modern and classicism. Interestingly, there was even a small church in the front part of the building.

Come to hospitable Vitebsk with an excursion!

The Governor's Palace is the brightest aristocratic zest of Vitebsk on the Dvina, which beauty and sophistication fascinated Bonaparte himself at his time! It attracts the attention of all tourists who come to the city on the Dvina with sightseeing tours around Belarus. VETLIVA portal contains the best offers for every taste. You can book both a weekend tour and a real trip to the sights of the cities of Belarus with a visit to Vitebsk.