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The Hill fort “Castle Mountain” in Braslav

The Hill fort “Castle Mountain” in Braslav


Archaeological objects

Those people, who go to Braslav land for a comfortable recreation away fr om routine work should visit famous Braslav lakes. And those, who prefer to get to know something new and interesting, immersing into the funnel of the past epochs, peoples and fates to sandy beaches and salt water should visit the hill fort “Castle Mountain” in Braslav.

The hill fort “Castle Mountain” is the best viewing point in Braslav, where the town can be seen clearly. This is the place, which tells you about the past and present of the town better than any guide and book. The hill fort “Castle Mountain” is located in the central part of the town and represents a flat hill of impressive size with steep slopes.

The chronicles say that this place is connected with the birth of Braslav town, which bore the name of Bryachislavl in the VIII-IX centuries. A grand castle of wood had been built on that territory at that time, which became a dependable outpost for the Principality of Polotsk, especially at the prince Bryachislav ruling period. The functionality of the castle declined over the years, and the monumental outpost fell into oblivion. The town started to develop as quick as a lightening, enlarging far off the bounds of its initial territory.

There is a theme plate at the entrance to the “Castle mountain”, and an immense granite boulder with the coat of arms of the town and with a board made of bronze was placed on the very mountain. A snow-white statue to Stanislav Narbut, who was a Doctor of Medical Sciences, a public person, and who loved dearly those picturesque places, was placed nearby. Once Stanislav Narbut was the most popular and the most respected person in Braslav.

A composition is also located on the mountain, referring to the pagan Gods. This composition was chosen not accidentally: once there was a heathen temple on its very territory. The sculptural figures of oak personify the characters of a poplular legend about the Bryachislavl origination.

The hill fort “Castle Mountain” is located in a picturesque place between the lakes Noviata and Driviaty, wh ere a breathtaking townscape is opened. You can see all of the sights of the town from here, starting from the Orthodox Church and closing with the Catholic temple. All of them are located at the foot of the mountain.

The hill fort “Castle mountain” has its own legends in Braslav. One of them narrates that some treasure is hidden in underground passages. Relying on other sources, that an undead Elena – the prince Alexander Jagiellon’s wife is wandering along the underground passages. Once the town sank into the wonderful Elena’s heart that the husband presented it to her. Elena as a patron did a lot for the cherished place. And there she died. The third legend narrates about the prince Dvina, his sons, a daughter and their troubled relationship. In the old days, the Braslav residents compared the “Castle mountain” sometimes with the majestic ship, sometimes with an old man, who fell into sad memories.

Notwithstanding that the castle doesn’t exist any more, the hill fort “Castle mountain” of Braslav is worth climbing up at least for positive emotions and impressions, which are undoubtedly given with this magic place.  

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