The settlement on the "Castle hill" Mozyr

Beautiful Mozyr is one of Belarusian cities to visit which you should definitely find time in your busy schedule. Because Mozyr is a museum in the open air. And a settlement on the “Castle hill” in Mozyr is the best evidence.

The historical way of Mozyr is really amazing. The city was first mentioned in 1155 when Yury Dolgoruky gave Mozyr to Prince Svyatoslav. The centuries-old history of the most beautiful city, located at the Pripyat, was begun with this generous gift.

The settlement on the “Castle hill” in Mozyr is a place where started the city and stood a grand castle of wood to the delight of locals and visiting guests. The settlement occupied the same territory as the modern one, and towered stately over the Pripyat, which washed its foot and protected fr om unwanted guests. Residents of the town fortified the castle with a high rampart and deep ditch. The settlement was moved to the hill, today known as the hill of the Communards.  

The settlement on the “Castle hill” in Mozyr could boast a mighty castle, chapel, towers, well and other strategic buildings. To fight against undesirable invaders, considering Mozyr as a tempting prey, there was built a large tower from which it was possible to observe the panorama of the town and be aware of what was happening. Besides numerous raids of the Tatars, Mozyr suffered from the uprising of Glinski as well as from the military campaign of Vasily IV. Time was passing, and, if it was necessary, the castle was rebuilt. As a result another two towers appeared here. It is known for certain that the large-scale construction was headed by M. Narbut. Since then though the castle was united, it was conventionally divided into old and new ones. However, the fate played a mean trick on it: according to the will of Janusz Radziwill, who defeated Mozyr, the outpost was burned to ashes by his troops.  

Nowadays the settlement on the “Castle hill” in Mozyr has its own copy of that grand castle. The opening of the new castle complex was dedicatedtimed to the 850th anniversary of the foundation of the city on the Pripyat. The “Castle hill” is not just a museum in the open air, but it is also a large-scale wooden complex which hosts various city cultural events beginning with folk fests and ending with knightly tournaments. Often in this cozy place you can listen with pleasure to the classics, look into the middle Ages or buy a nice trinket from a local craftsman. Today this spacious territory is under the state protection. The city government did not forget about the youngest residents of the city and its visitors: on the territory there is a specially-built children's Playground with low towers and strange characters, living in them, that will certainly attract curious travellers.  

The settlement on the “Castle hill” in Mozyr is a picturesque place, wh ere you can relax with the whole family listening to the orchestra, admiring the arches of the grand castle and thinking about its past greatness.