The Gorbaty Bridge is the heritage of the Capital

The Gorbaty Bridge is the heritage of the Capital


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Along with all the avenues, streets and alleys, dwelling buildings and management structures, green areas, monuments and other heritage, bridges have also play an enormous role in the creation of the appearance of any town.

 In Minsk there are few water bodies and inequalities of the terrain but the transport network is well-developed so there are many crossovers and bridges. However, among the large number one called “Gorbaty” Bridge deserves special attention. This famous bridge is associated with a considerable number of legends.

 The so-called “Gorbaty” Bridge connects the famous Trinity Suburb with the so-called Island of Tears, and is a symbolic conduit between the peaceful present and the military past. It is because this bridge leads directly to the monument to the Belarusian soldiers who during the cold war had shed their blood in Afghanistan. So this monument is named – the Island of Tears.

The Gorbaty Bridge was built in 1964 and originally connected the Trinity Suburb with the area where there was a stadium "Trudovye Rezervy".

The Minsk Gorbaty Bridge owes its name to the unusually brightly curved form. The length of this bridge is 51.4 meters, and the width is 6 meters.

Apart from the memorable role, the Gorbaty Bridge has an original romantic sense. Many residents and visitors have noticed immortalized locks hanging on the railings of the bridge leading to the Island of Tears, and left by loving people with vows and words of love. This is quite a famous tradition among newlyweds. Young couples hang a padlock on the railing of the bridge, and the key to this lock throw into the river. This custom symbolizes the indestructibility of love, strength of feelings and relationships. So many couples consider it an honor to leave their symbol of eternal love on the railing of the bridge and to throw the key into the river Svisloch.

It is worth noting that this tradition appeared in the 1990's in Rome, but has rather quickly caught on in our country. Lovers from different towns and countries retain their symbols of indestructible love on the railings of the Gorbaty Bridge that leads from the Trinity Suburb to the Island of Tears. The same symbols can be seen on the bridge across the Svisloch in Gorky Park, near the National library, and of course in Victory Park. However, it should be noted that too many of these "symbols of love" have many times resulted in the collapse of the railings; therefore these locks from time to time are cut away by the city utilities services. However, newlyweds continue with extraordinary efforts to honor this tradition, and over time the railings of the bridge have become new symbols of love.

 The Gorbaty Bridge is one of the most famous sights in Minsk. As every traveller coming to rest in Minsk is sure to walk across this bridge. Not a single guided tour ends without visiting the Island of Tears to which the famous Gorbaty Bridge leads.


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