The Hill “Beacon” on Braslav lakes

Braslav lakes are located in the north of Belarus in Vitebsk region. This region is very rich in lakes: there are three hundred of them here. No wonder, that “Braslav lakes” is a favorite place of recreation for the citizens of Belarus and neighboring states.

It is necessary to know about a place like the Hill Beacon for the lucky ones who are going to visit Braslav lakes soon. The only condition for an unforgettable journey is to have a camera, as it is necessary to capture those impressive views so that to recall the pleasant memories fr om time to time.

The Hill Beacon is the best place for enjoying wonderful views of Belarusian landscapes on Braslav lakes. A small sign with comprehensive information about the popular point hangs at the mountain. The Hill Beacon on Braslav lakes is included into a large-scale complex of kames, wh ere each hill has its own fancy name, from Bald Mountain to Old man’s Oven. The hills variety is combined into the Kezikov mountains, which name refers to a nearby small village. “Beacon” is the most impressive hill in size in this mountain plenty.

A geodesic beacon was established on top of the hill at the beginning of the last century. Therefore, it wasn’t difficult for the locals to come up with the capacious name of the mountain known far outside Belarus. The name of Mount “Biznya” – it was called like that before – has survived till today as well. Hill Beacon offers a special viewing point for those who are crazy about beautiful scenery. Breathtaking views to the north, south, east and west of Braslav area are opened from the hill. If it is the north, then a wind power station, the border with Latvia, towers of the churches and a small lake Snudy, which you can admire infinitely, can be clearly visible. If this is the east, the tourist’s gaze necessarily stops at the escaping mountain peaks serpentine and rich forests. From the south, the church of Ikazn village, numerous islets and Castle Mountain appear in all their glory. The west presents the church of Heart of Jesus and the divine beauty peninsula to the travellers’ attention.

Near the Hill Beacon, the spring Okmenitsa flows, which translation from Lithuanian means “rocky.” It is believed that the spring water possesses healing qualities and rejuvenates body perfectly. After you obtain water from the spring, it is recommended to throw a coin as an expression of special gratitude to the source.

The Hill Beacon on Braslav lakes impresses you with special landscapes at dawn and before sunset especially on cloudy days. That is what the locals believe, and those who contemplated the panorama at that time can not but agree with them. It is a rarity for Belarusian plains to be presented as convex relief forms (kame complexes) and concave (basins and lake funnels).

The Hill Beacon on Braslav lakes guarantees great views of picturesque Braslav land, which will never be forgotten. You would like to come back again and again.