Kamenka mountain in Studzeniki village

Kamenka mountain in Studzeniki village


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Studzeniki village is located in the picturesque Svisloch district of Grodno region, practically a stone's throw from the famous Bialowieza Forest. Now, there is a newly built Our Lady of Czestochowa Catholic church in the village, which appeared in the 90s of the last century. The church regularly hosts religious services, which are attended by almost the entire village. It is known that a hundred of people live in Studzeniki, and most of them consider themselves the Poles.

 It is likely that in many decades, the local church will enter the list of Belarusian places of interest. There are two objects of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus that are already in the list and attract crowds of tourists, travelers and even fans of extreme sports in a small village. The first attraction is the stone tombs, the total number of which reaches five dozen. Their existence has been proven recently, and the thematic plaque is placed on one of the stones which says that the harm to this property is strictly punished. These stone graves date back to the 14th-16th centuries.

There is one more historical sight in the village, the name of which is Kamenka Mountain in Studzeniki village, widely regarded as the highest point of the Svisloch region. Curiously, that the mountain possesses an interesting feature - people who live for a long time on the territory next to it, can be oriented in space with great difficulty. It is known that many centuries ago there was the Catholic Church on this territory, that didn’t survive to the present days. There is evidence that there are many tunnels in this area, but there is no accurate information on their number, as archaeological excavations were not carried out here.

Kamenka Mountain in the village of Studzeniki is not a mountain at all, but rather a high hill with steep descent and forest. Kamenka Mountain had never really been studied. Local residents like to tell about it, calling this area "Bermuda Triangle". It is believed that a lone traveler trapping this place, will surely get confused, get lost and never find the way home, because he will be misled by Kamenka Mountain. And information about the location of mysterious tunnels doesn’t exist. But to crawl along the tunnels will be a wonderful pastime for adventure, extreme and adrenaline lovers. There is something mystical in these places that defies logic and is difficult to explain.

 A small village Studzeniki attracts large groups of tourists, who find here something for themselves. Some people are interested in ancient stone graves, for someone – Kamenka Mountain in the village of Studzeniki with its unexplored tunnels will be extremely fascinating. There are desperate people who drop into the hole, crawl there for a few meters, and after the hole begins to narrow, they escape because of the feeling of fear.


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