The waterworks in Kobryn

The waterworks in Kobryn


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5 years ago in the east side of Kobryn the biggest hydro system in the republic was opened. It was built because of Dojinki festival and named in honor of the town where it’s situated. Now it does the work that was done by two old hydro systems.

As the waterworks were implemented, it became a local site of interest. Why is it so attractive? The hydro system “Kobryn” is a part of Dnepr-Bug canal built in 1775. Earlier there was one of ancient trade paths “From the Varangians to the Greeks”. By the way a lot was done to bring it to life again. First steps to join the Black and Baltic seas have been already done. New waterworks and floodgates are being made. For example it took about an hour to come over a floodgate and go on the way. Before the reconstruction workers needed to open gateways form wood with hand. Now a ship is directed to a camera sluicing by pushing a button and after 20 minutes it can go on. A present manager of the hydro system Kobryn, Andrey Bulyga says that in future vessels from Ukraine will be able to go to the Baltic sea through Belarusian waters. Now it allows going into Europe, Poland and Germany. Important building materials such as quarry stone, crushed stone and sand are transferred along the Dnepr-Bug canal. It is planned to transfer gas that will make delivery of the natural source faster.

The hydro system “Kobryn” is considered to be the biggest in the country because its drop of water is more than 5, 5 meters and the length of the camera sluicing is 120 meters.  Originally the hydro station was built for using natural energy to save and to make o lot of resources. A mini-electro station that was built after the hydro station has two turbines that allows to produce 2, 5 kw a day. That’s why this energy supplies the entire town.

Though a lot of money was spent on the building, its creators forecast a fast payback. Water transferring is much cheaper than other kinds of transferring that’s why the service of the gateway “Kobryb” is very popular not only among building companies. The hydro system doesn’t use its all power but its managers promise its high development after opening the highway.

So the hydro system “Kobryn “ is a very important point for electrical power and waterways system.


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, Kobrin , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 350 km

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