Gallery "VILNIUS"

Gallery "VILNIUS"


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The Attractions of Minsk: the Gallery "VILNIUS"

Lovers of art should visit the modern gallery "VILNIUS GALLERY", located in the library building No. 18. The main purpose of the gallery is finding new talents, presentation and promotion of their works to a new level. The history of the gallery "VILNIUS" dates back to 1997. At the time it was not a gallery, rather it was a separate corridor of the town library with a number of unknown pictures. The gallery owes to its founders - the Belarusian artist Alexander Kischenko and Elena Sukhodolova the prosperity and popularity. Ten years later, the gallery had its own fans, constant photographers and critics. The gallery has got its name due to the location, near the popular town retail center "Vilnius".

Entry to the gallery "VILNIUS" is absolutely free, and the policy of the institution does not provide for commercial profit. Novice talents present their paintings, sculptures, graphics, and upon completion of the exhibition, give their works to the library no 18. It can be said that this is one of the most entertaining libraries - in the reading hall you can always admire the works of the masters if you have come to enjoy reading.

It is important to note that all paintings do not have a clear thematic scope – a lot of genres of monumental, decorative and easel painting, a lot of themes, a lot of artists and a welcoming atmosphere of inspiration.

For the moment the gallery has hosted over two hundred exhibitions. Vladimir Sharkov, Vitaly Chernobrisov and Ales Marochkin have presented their works. The gallery has helped many novice talents to become famous and get fans, among them there are Yanka Romanovich, Alla Nehaychik, and Andrey Bondarev. The calling card and pride of the gallery is the collection of lithographs by Valentina Vlasova, illustrating the poem of Kolas "New land". Lithography is a common technique in engraving art.

If you have come to Minsk and cannot live a day without art, we invite you to visit the Gallery-Exhibition Complex of the National Library that impresses with the unique exterior design and many theme rooms. In the Gallery of Modern Art "У" you can also get acquainted with contemporary creative work of both novice artists and fine workmen. If you want to purchase a picture of talented Belarusian artists, you should visit the gallery "Belart". The information about current exhibitions held in the cozy Gallery "VILNIUS" and the time of its work can be found on the official website of the gallery.




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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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