The Gallery of national decorative and applied arts in Minsk

Travelling through the cities and towns of Belarus you probably wondered where to buy nice and desired souvenirs for your relatives and friends. You will find the answer in the Gallery of national decorative and applied arts located on the territory of Minsk Concert Hall. Decorative and applied arts are amazing things carrying both aesthetic, cultural value and practical features. A striking example of this art is sewing national costumes, coining and wood engraving, wickerwork, decorative painting, knitting, pokerwork, decoupage and many others. The world of decorative and applied art is very diverse and hand-made items will leave nobody indifferent!

In the Gallery of decorative and applied arts you can both buy any thing you like and just admire the great work of Belarusian artists. At present it is a real exhibition complex including three halls with products made by seventeen factories and a group of artists composed of 400 people.  The aim of the Gallery of decorative and applied arts is to restore the citizens’ love to Belarusian history and traditions that are in every presented souvenir. The Gallery of decorative and applied arts in Minsk proposes the following souvenirs:

  • Straw bisons, linen products, Slutsk belts, products of wicker and snuffbox;

  • Stucco toys and clay pots;

  • Figures of ceramic, wood and stone;

  • Ladies’ purses, bags and kerchiefs;

  • Boxes, chests, chess;

  • Forged items in the form of a candlestick;

  • Pictures of stone and amber, panels of birch burl and many others!  

The exposition is constantly updated, admission is always free, and at the same time there are special excursion programs for tourist groups.

Having pleased yourself by bought souvenirs you can go to the restaurant “Rodnoy Kut”, which is placed in the concert hall “Minsk”. The restaurant proposes its guests to have lunch or dinner in a small or big hall and in the coffee-bar “The three musketeers” that is nearby the restaurant. The concept of the cafe is quite unusual – it is ten wooden houses that can accommodate up to ten people; and there is an artificial mill surrounding by tall and bushy trees near the main entrance.  

It is significant to note that the concert hall “Minsk” is the biggest one in Belarus; its frequent visitors are both foreign stars and Russian variety performers!  You can book tickets on the official web-site of the cinema “Minsk”, and moreover you can see here some works presented in the Gallery of decorative and applied arts.

There are more than 15 galleries besides the Gallery of decorative and applied arts: “” with its monthly theme exhibitions, “LaSandr Art”, “Mastatstva”, “Slavutast”, “Znyata”, “Belart” and many other galleries! A traveler who arrived in Minsk for cultural education will get a lot of impressions and pleasant emotions!