The fountain “A boy with a swan” in Minsk

The water pipe was launched in Minsk in 1874. Artesian water was running into tubes so it could be used by people’s needs.

In honor of the event in the centre of the city the fountain “A boy with a swan” was errrected that still functions.

There was a figure of the boy putting his arms around swan’s neck in the centre of stone plinth. At the walls of the fountain there were frogs.

The legend about the author

“A boy with a swan” is Theodore Calide’s work. At London’s exhibition in 1851 it was admitted by audience and appreciated very high. The sculptor got orders on making copies for The English queen and German King.

There are about 200 copies of the sculpture all over the world.  Minsk sculpture is also a copy.

The epopee of “A boy with a swan”

The First World War didn’t touch the fountain but in the 30-s Soviet authorities wanted to get rid of it. Fortunately their plans failed.

During the great patriotic War the fountain suffered a lot. But soviet sculptor Zair Azgur restored it.

In the 80-s the sculptor was attacked again. Someone broke boy’s arm and swan’s neck. But everything was repaired. During the last restoration the sculpture became golden.

“A boy with a swan” in Minsk differs from its other versions because his nudity is covered with a fig-leaf.

The story is to be continued

New generations come here and make photos with the fountain. There are some other names of it, for example: “Panikovka”.

Panikovskiy is a character from a book who stole geese. Of course a swan is not a goose but it’s folk’s creativity.

Each sprig the fountain is turned on. Its streams are murmuring and the boy is hugging the swan.

Minsk inhabitants love the old fountain. It’s inalienable part of city’s history.