Touristic complex “Pharmacy garden”

Touristic complex “Pharmacy garden”


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The description of the excursion touristic complex “Pharmacy garden”

One of the clearest locations fr om ecological point of view is Naroch where you can find a wonderful complex that is called “Pharmacy garden”. Inside of a beautiful and bushy forest in a very picturesque place near 3 lakes (The Naroch, The White, The Myastro) there is an amazing place with unusual landscape decisions. A lot of botanic miracles grow here. Being here is not only interesting but useful as well: there are about 200 species of medicinal and decorative herbs at different beds. There are also plants from The Red List on the territory of “Pharmacy garden”.

Interesting excursions are held at the complex wh ere tourists can learn about diversity of flora, its peculiarities and use.

Peculiarities of the excursion touristic complex “Pharmacy garden”

The complex is divided into several parts. Each of them has its own subject-matter. The first one is called “The ice Age”. There is a collection of millstones at the composition. All of them are made of granite and boulders that has ice origin. Many plants here are medicinal and grow in mountain area.

The second part of the complex is “Pharmacy Town”. There is different flora. Some are used in medicine; other ones are grown for cuisine and used all over the world.

The third one is “Morpheus’s kingdom”. There are miraculous healing herbs that have sedative qualities. There are also very poisonous and dangerous plants.

The forth part is “Medicinal Stockroom”. The most widespread and used wild plants are gathered here.

After an interesting excursion you can taste phyto-tea prepared but very experienced herbalists. Drinks are made f the plants that are grown on the fields that are not far from Pharmacy garden.

At Midsummer and Shrovetide interesting parties are held here. A phyto shop works at the Garden for those who would like to take away a part of memory about the place. Here you can buy various aromatic sachets and teas.

Memory about the place will last for a long time and influence your health in a good way. Because there is clear air and nice atmosphere.


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  • Семейная мини - гостиница Мястро
  • Days: 2

  • Minsk - Yelnya Reserve - Glubokoe - Narochansky National Park - Nanosy-Novoselye Complex - Minsk
  • Breakfast
  • Days: 2


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