Dyatlovsky Museum of Local History
The Dyatlovsky Museum was created by the decision of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee No. 353 of August 29, 1966. The museum was named the Dyatlovsky Museum of National Glory. The initiators of its organization were the chairman of the Dyatlovsky district executive committee Sergey Terentyevich Kobyak and the first secretary of the district committee of the CPB Ivan Vikentyevich Kryzhanovsky. The creator and the first director of the museum was Mikhail Fedorovich Petrikevich (1913-1999), who worked there until 1985.

   The first exposition of the museum was opened to the public on May 5, 1968. The main themes of the exposition were:

1. Preparation and victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The first revolutionary committees in the territory of the region and the formation of the BSSR.

2. Dyatlovshchina under the rule of bourgeois Poland. The revolutionary and national liberation struggle of the workers, the reunification of Western Belarus with the BSSR.

3. The Great Patriotic War.

4. socialist transformations in the district.

 The museum's funds were intensively replenished, which made it possible to create a new exposition, more perfect in content and artistic solution. The opening of the new exposition was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the district from the Nazi invaders and took place on July 8, 1984.

  The improvement and expansion of the chronological framework of the permanent exhibition took place in 1997, when the section “ancient and medieval history of the region” was created. In 2003, a part of the hall with ethnographic materials was renovated, a permanent exhibition of works by folk and professional masters-our countrymen - was decorated.

   Due to the fact that the theme of the museum's exposition and the composition of the funds have significantly expanded, in 1998 it was decided to change the name of the museum. It became known as the Dyatlovsky State Museum of Local Lore. In 2006, the museum received the status of a legal entity and the name of the cultural institution”Dyatlovsky State Museum of Local Lore".

   In 2021, work began on updating the museum exposition.

  The museum offers guided tours and visits to the museum exposition, acquaintance with the history of the Dyatlov region from ancient times to the present, a quest game “in search of Radziwills treasures”, “secrets of museum objects" and so on.

The schedule of the Dyatlovsky Local History Museum:

Exposition – 09: 00-18: 00; day off-Monday;
Ticket office – 09: 00-17: 30; closed-Monday.