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The Palace and Park Ensemble of the Volovich family in Svyatsk

The Palace and Park Ensemble of the Volovich family in Svyatsk


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At the end of the XVIII century, a beautiful palace was built in the territory of Svyatsk village under the guidance of Italian architect G. Sacco. The construction of that building and others was connected with the Volovich dynasty. The construction of the palace and park ensemble was finished in the XIX century.

What did the complex include?

The palace had 2 wings connected by galleries. There was a park with a lovely pond, chapel, different outbuildings.

Sacco was also engaged in the interior design of the palace. Well-known masters T. Mankovsky and A. Smuglevich were invited to decorate rooms. The samples of ancient art became sources of ideas which helped in creating academic atmosphere.

What happened to the palace in the XX century?

The First World War caused serious damage to the palace and park ensemble of the Volovich family. The main building was desolated and destroyed by marauders, who stole almost all the valuable items. Up to the 1930s, buildings were not used, thus, rain and snow came in through the broken windows and holes in the roof, causing damage to plaster and paintings.

Ministry of Health of Poland became an owner of the former estate and opened an addiction rehab sanatorium. All the restoration and reconstruction works were carried out in accordance with its new purpose.

The ensemble suffered during the Second World War. Since November 1946, there was an evacuation hospital.

Tuberculosis sanatorium of regional significance opened in 1971.

Peculiarities of the palace and park ensemble of the Volovich family

In 1930-33, the appearance and interior of the ruined estate were restored due to the efforts of restorers I. Yodkovsky and Z. Rokovsky, as well as designer O. Sosnovsky.

A hipped roof was replaced by a mansard roof. The number of pipes was reduced to two. As for the interior transformation, ramp and staircase near the main entrance were changed.

Wings changed significantly while doors turned into windows. Restoration changes were made so the building could perform new purposes. The gallery was reconstructed because of its bad condition.

Interesting about the palace and park ensemble

Not far from the palace, you will see several massive boulders covered with moss. Although guides ignore them, tourists pay attention to these monuments of nature. According to the legend, there was a pagan temple; however, it is hard to prove it.

The palace and park ensemble in Svyatsk is a pearl of the Grodno lands.

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