The Palace and Park Ensemble in Gomel

Belarus is rich in many interesting cultural monuments. However, green spaces are most visited places of value. Your attention should be focused on the palace and park ensemble in Gomel that has the status of natural cultural and historical monument. In order to understand its significance for the world culture, it is necessary to tell about this wonderful place in detail.

The palace and park ensemble in Gomel is a historical and cultural complex.

The palace and park ensemble in Gomel is a genuine historical and cultural complex consisting of many historical sites.

This complex is located on the picturesque bank of the river called the Sozh that is surrounded by extremely picturesque landscapes. The foundation of this complex dates back to the XVIII –XIX centuries.

The main sight of Gomel includes many historical monuments.

In terms of figures there are at least 9 separate objects on this place. However, first things first. It is worth noting the ancient settlement, in the place of which some time earlier, in the Middle Ages, there was the town Gomel. And then the picturesque park that was founded in the XIX century.

The Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches designed in Classicism. The most interesting for viewing are the premises located in the main part of the palace on the first floor, where receptions and other celebrations were held. Over all history of its existence the palace was repeatedly destroyed and restored. The palace was especially severely damaged during the Great Patriotic War. The way the building looks now is a skillful reconstruction, during which all the rooms were made similar to their original appearance.

One of the most important is a two-story columned hall. The space of this room looks so that while you are there, you can enjoy an extraordinarily wonderful view seen through the three tall doorways.

Then, you need to pay attention to the observation tower that is located in the territory of the old winter garden.

The structure appeared in the XIX century when there was a building of the sugar factory. At the time this tower was used as a chimney. However, in 1880-s, there was laid out a picturesque park, and as a result of this the separate factory structures were converted into the park facilities. Today the tower is used for viewing.

In the place of the main production building of the plant there is now a greenhouse called the Winter Garden. Its area is 245 square meters. In the greenhouse there are 25 species of plants, the total number is over 600 units. And there are also surprisingly rare specimens, some of which grow only in the subtropical regions, for example, coffee trees, figs, various palm trees, lemon trees, avocado, etc. Here you can also admire some animals: rabbits, turtles and guinea pigs that will interest both adults and children.

In the vast territory of the park there is the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul that was constructed in the XIX century. The tomb of the family of the Paskeviches that was also built in the XIX century was designed in so-called "Russian style", made of brick. There are buried 8 representatives of the great Paskevich dynasty. This object plays a significant role in the history of both the town and the country in general.

The whole territory of the complex is 34 hectares. The nature of these places is truly unique, in fact, due to this park, it has acquired its special status. There are a lot of rare centuries-old plants.

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Gomel is a pearl of Polesye, which is definitely worth a visit with a guide, having booked an excursion. He will tell you about the beauties of the city on Sozh, reveal the secrets of his owners from the Rumyantsev and Paskevich dynasties and show you all the key sights. Bus tour across Belarus "Polesskaya Odyssey" and the tourist route "Secrets of Polesie" are thought out to the details for you!