The Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace in Gomel

The city park has been the main attraction of Gomel for a long period of time, which is loved not only by the local residents but also by all the guests. Walking along its picturesque avenues, you can see many beautiful buildings, which are rightly considered monuments of architecture of our Republic. One of these attractions is the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace.

When you get inside of the palace, your attention is immediately drawn to a huge amount of light. This is not accidental, because the main idea of the palace project is the absence of dark corridors and passages in it.

At the end of the 18th century, Gomel lands were a part of the Russian Empire. Then the Empress Catherine II presented these lands to her favorite - General Peter Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky. In a year of 1777 it was decided to begin the palace construction works. The best architects were chosen from the vast number, and they began to work. However, it is still unknown who is the author of this project. There are suggestions that the author was Ivan Starov, who was the architect of famous palaces of St. Petersburg at that time. But these are only assumptions. Irina Paskevich was the last owner of the residence. Like her predecessors, she continued the palace and backyard territory development, made her own adjustments.

Like many other architectural monuments, the palace was destroyed and rebuilt several times. It suffered particularly severely during the mutiny in 1919 and during the Great Patriotic War. At different times there was a library, a club, a museum, a puppet theater in the building of the palace.

What does the palace look like today? As before, on the ground floor the rooms of a noble estate are arranged in the way they were located at the time of their creation. There are the Column Hall, White and Red Lounges and a hall for formal receptions. Now solemn receptions of the main persons of states, negotiations, meetings, conferences are held in these halls. Holding of exhibitions of paintings, photographs, art objects has become very frequent in these halls.

The palace keeps many relics of the past: archaeological and ethnographic items, a numismatic collection, a collection of ancient books, icons, and much more, which helps us to get to know the history of the whole estate more deeply.

The overall composition of the palace includes a tower, which was rebuilt according to the plan of Ivan Paskevich. There is a clock on it, against which the citizens and visitors can check the time. In addition, there is an exposition called "The owners of Gomel estate the Rumyantsevs and Paskevichs" in this tower. It is interesting because the authentic personal belongings of princes, weapons, records, paintings, sculptures are presented in it.

In 2012, Gomel Residence of the Rumyantsev-Paskevich became the owner of the Grand Prix in the contest "Museums of Belarus – to the third millennium".

A visit to the palace is included in almost all tourist trips around Gomel region. Be sure to visit this amazing place, inhale the beautiful clean air of the park, plunge into the atmosphere of the past and just enjoy the beauty.