The Oak on the Bank of the River Isloch

The Oak on the Bank of the River Isloch


Natural objects

The river Isloch itself is a very interesting natural object. Unsurprisingly, a lot of tour itineraries pass through it, during which tourists enjoy not only amazing views, but also one of the oldest trees in Belarus.

The river and surrounding areas

Isloch has its source near the town Dzerzhinsk and passes through the territories of the Minsk and Grodno regions, ultimately falling into the Zapadnaya Berezina. The length of the river is about 102 km. And though it's not one of the largest rivers in the Republic of Belarus, but it is famous for its tortuosity and numerous rapids that are so necessary for fans of extreme water sports.

Kayaking has become quite popular especially in spring when the most dangerous areas of the river are flooded with water. You will see for yourselves the purity of Isloch (the bottom can be seen even in the deepest sections of the route) and will also be impressed by the view of ferns and branches of perennial trees hanging over the water. Besides, during such kayaking tours you can see the hulk of an ancient palace of the Tyshkeviches, a number of traditional Belarusian villages located along the river and even disguised home-breweries.

The banks of the Isloch are steep and abrupt, creating breathtaking landscapes. It is due to the fact that the river flows through the territories of the Minsk hills, and of one of the largest forests in the country – Nalibokskaya Puscha. It is a natural complex consisting of a protected oak-, hornbeam- and birch woods, rivers, swamps and lakes. There are a number of ecological itineraries. However, the Puscha has become very popular among individual travellers. As to the river, it should be said that there are many recreational areas and even full-fledged resorts nearby for the convenience of tourists, and suspension bridges cross the Isloch for easy movement.

One of the noteworthy features of the river is that only there and a few other rivers and lakes of Belarus we can see the rare brown trout.

The longstanding observer

These words can describe the oak tree on the bank of the river Isloch, which is a landmark of these places. It is over four hundred years! Thus, it has become a silent witness of the brightest milestones in the territory of Belarus, including the period of being part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Russian Empire, withstanding the war with Napoleon, the First and Second World Wars, the Soviet period and so on. It is amazing how this tree has survived through these harsh times.

The oak is considered the oldest not only in the Nalibokskaya Puscha, but also in the whole territory of Belarus. Its size is an evidence of its might –at least six people are necessary to embrace the tree!

The oak is picturesquely located on the bank of the Isloch, providing an opportunity for each person to understand his "smallness" before wild nature.

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