The Road Station in the Village of Borovlyany

The Road Station in the Village of Borovlyany

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The village of Borovlyany is situated in the Vitebsk district of the Vitebsk region and belongs to the Mazolovo village council. Its advantageous location close to major highways not only contributed to the development of trade and economic relations, but also led to the need for development of road infrastructure. Thanks to this there appeared one of the most notable buildings in the village – a road station that over many years has been of abiding interest among historians and the curious population. And the proximity to the Minsk makes the task to visit and to look at the work of architectural art of the XIX century easily done.

Borovlyany yesterday and today

It is worth saying a few words about the village itself. It is believed that the first settlements in the territory of the village appeared in the IX century. This is evidenced by was mounds found nearby there. The first written mention of it dates back to 1582 when it was in possession of Prince Solomoretsky. At the time the settlement had a rather advantageous location – in close proximity (about 1 km) to the highway leading from Vitebsk to Gorodok and Ezerische.

At the beginning of the next century Borovlyany came to possession of Princess Drutskaya-Gorskaya and Ratomskaya who greatly contributed to its development. However, throughout its history, the village not once has changed its owners, especially during the XIX century, when there was constructed the building of the road station. It is worth noting that at the time Borovlyany included not only the village itself but also 2 adjacent farms, a tavern, natural boundary and a torture chamber.

Today the village is in close proximity to the village "Lesnoy" founded in 1965, presenting a residential complex of new buildings. The border between them is rather conditional. Undoubtedly, the proximity of the complex and nearby medical and health institutions and a science town have positively contributed to the development of the infrastructure and transport link of Borovlyany.

The most important monument of Belarusian architecture of the XIX century

The building of the post or road station built in 1843 is popularly called so. At one time Alexander Pushkin even stayed there. It is located at another popular highway – Kiev - Saint Petersburg.

What are the features of the buildings? The foundation presents a rectangle with a small outbuilding from the side of the courtyard. The observer can see four very tall windows with architraves, and a gable located above the entry. All this is done in accordance with the standard project of 1843. Thus, the road station is an example of Belarusian architecture of the middle of the XIX century.

It is not surprising that today it is included in the list of architectural structures that are necessary to visit during various excursions organised both for Belarusians and for interested guests from abroad.


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