The House of Zhukov in Osipovichi

The House of Zhukov in Osipovichi, Mogilev region 

The picturesque small town of Mogilev region is proud of a completely undistinguished externally one-storey building decorated with massive columns and a dome-shaped roof. The building would have remained one of many that the last century gave to Osipovichi, if there were no memorial plaque that appeared on the building by the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. The tiny plaque states that the monumental historical personality – the Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov – lived in this house. It is believed that Georgy Zhukov stayed in the Osipovichi apartment only for two months of 1938, but that was more than enough to refer the historic building to the national cultural heritage.

It all started with the fact that a military duty called Georgy Zhukov to the hospitable Belarusian lands as in the 30s of the last century he was selected as a head of the cavalry corps based in Mogilev region. It is believed that Zhukov arrived with his wife and daughters. After a short time, Georgy Konstantinovich received a new offer of employment, the friendly Zhukov family left generous Mogilev region and moved to Smolensk where the talented commander was expecting a new high post. You can learn more about the short visit of the great historical figure to the small village of Mogilev region in the town museum where the special attention is paid to the most important event. The House of Zhukov is still functioning as a dwelling house and it is located in one of the local streets in Osipovichi.

The visit of Georgy Zhukov to Mogilev region was short, and only scant documented evidences about this stay have survived up to now. Only a few lines are given to this event in many military books of those years. Despite the fact that Zhukov lived a short while in Osipovichi, he had a very close relationship with the Belarusian land. For a long time, his military career was developing there, reaching incredible heights during the hardest period of the Second World War. It is known that the talented commander served in Gomel region, taught at the local University, lived in Minsk, which is very warmly and kindly described in his memoirs where there are several lines about his appointment in Osipovichi.

As his daughter Maria remembers, Zhukov was connected with Belarus through a very curious story. Once one priest from Brest region wrote him – to the then Marshal of the Soviet Union, and congratulated with the victory over the Nazi invaders, and complained that three bells of his temple were taken away in an unknown direction by the Germans. And then Zhukov personally sent three ringing bells to Brest region. It is known that Marshal of the Soviet Union often took the Kazan icon of the Mother of God to battlefields.

Significant progress in the horrible war is connected with the name of Marshal Zhukov, ranging from the liberation of Leningrad to the capture of Berlin. Commander Zhukov is a legendary personality. The Belarusians are proud of the fact that the great Marshal spent some years of his life in Belarus. And the House of Zhukov in Osipovichi is a vivid illustration of this.