The Wigdorchic House

The Wigdorchic House is one of Trinity Hill erections built in the historical centre of the Belarusian capital on the river Svisloch. Trinity Hill itself is a real architectural landmark of Minsk, whose cozy streets; architecture and special atmosphere attract both locals and visitors. There one can find museums, restaurants, souvenir shops and art galleries, one of which is situated in Wigdorchic House.

The modern adress is Troitskaya Naberezhnaya, 6.

In terms of architecture Wigdorchic House presents a three-storey ractangular building with a high saddleback roof and ractangular windows. The centre facade has a small jetty.

The building was constructed in the XIX century and it got the name after its owner – Natan Abramovich Wigdorchic, born in Minsk in 1874. Natan Wigdorchic was a Doctor of Medical Science, a Professor, an author of numerous research works on problems of social insuarance and occupational diseases. He was also known as a political figure holding to social-democratic views. In Spring 1898 Natan Wigdorchic took part in the 1st conference of Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP)  in Minsk, and  became one of nine delegates –members of the largest social-democratic organizations. Together with Boris Eidelman he was a representative of Kiev “Rabochaya Gazeta”.  In 1924 Wigdorchic established an Institute in Leningrad studying occupational diseases, as a result he became its director.

At the end of XIX centure the erection was in the category of tenement buildings, where people with average and below average income could afford to rent an appartment.

In 1890-91 Dominik Onufrievich Lutsevich – the father of the famous Belarusian poet Ivan Lutsevich ( Yanka Kupala) – lived with his family in the building at the intersection of the then two streets Naberezhnaya and Aleksandrovskaya. In Minsk the future poet’s father worked as a cab driver, and Ivan studied at private preparatory school. It was the first meeting with Minsk for the future classic of Belarusian literature, the author of numerous books of poems and playbooks in Belarusian, after whom National Academic Theatre in Minsk is named. However the Lutseviches lived in Wigdorchic House of provincial Minsk only for one year, and later returned back to the country.

Today in Wigdorchic House there is a private gallery named “Famous Masters” (“Slavutiya maistry”). Here one can watch and even buy original highly artistic souvenirs made by Belarusian masters. Any willing person can admire fine belts, paintings, handicrafts made of wood, leather and other materials. Today thanks to its favourable location and history Wigdorchic House is included in the number of highlight tours around Trinity Hill and the city as a whole.