The House of Soviets in Lenin Square in Mogilev

One of the most beautiful and largest regional centers of Belarus is considered to be Mogilev. you can always find tourists in winter and in summer in this picturesque town filled with the unique architecture. This is not surprising since Mogilev has a high tourist potential.

Almost every tour starts with the town’s main square – Lenin Square. By the way, there is a square of the same name in almost every town of all former Soviet countries, where there is necessarily a monument to Vladimir Lenin. There is another unique building in the square in Mogilev - the House of Soviets that has a rich and interesting history.

Once upon a time, Mogilev was considered as the capital of Belarus. In this regard, it was decided to decorate and refine the town’s main square, and even to preserve all the architectural attractions near it. So it was decided not to demolish the building and assign it the status of the state national heritage. Therefore, today it adorns the town with its monumentality, majesty and beauty.

Those tourists who were in Minsk and saw the Government House would notice a striking resemblance of the capital building with the Mogilev House of Soviets. These two structures have one “father” – the famous architect Iosif Langbard. Many believe that two Belarusian buildings are twin brothers, but the House of Soviets is smaller than the capital building. And it is inferior in importance to the Government House. However, this building is one of the main decorations of Mogilev.

In those days, when the Second World War was to start, Stalin wanted to make Mogilev the capital of the BSSR as Minsk was only 35 kilometers from the state border where the attack of the enemy German troops were forthcoming. At the same time, Stalin was eager to preserve the Government House and decided to make a copy of the Minsk counterpart, since, in his opinion, there would not have been a stone of the state building during the attack on Minsk. Nevertheless, many important events happened there and many important political decisions were made!

So, the best Belarusian architects came to Mogilev to design a new building – the House of Soviets. However, it was not easy to make a new governmental institution. The Commission found fault with the fact that window partitions resembled an Orthodox cross, as at the time, Soviet policy opposed the whole religious theme. However, the main architect of the project Langbard said that these crosses will keep off all evil spirits from the party members. As a result, the building has been commissioned.

Today the former House of Soviets hosts the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee and the main academic corpus of the Belarusian–Russian University. If you come onto the roof of the building, you will see fabulous views of Mogilev, especially amazing at night when the whole town switches on the lights. As if Mogilev is filled with magic...

By the way, in order to make the difference with the Government House more noticeable, it was agreed to add an annex to the Mogilev project, now it serves as a hall for meetings. By the way, it is constantly compared with the Oval room, which is certainly very flattering to the authors of the Mogilev project.