The Gardener’s House in Ross

The Gardener’s House in Ross


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ThRoss is a real pearl of Grodno region. It is located in Volkovysk district and stands on the same-name river. Ross is 15 km from Volkovysk and 71 km from Grodno. There are many different sights that attract a huge number of tourists every year.

The History of Ross

Ross is a place with a rich history, full of events. Ross is known since 1205 when it was divided into two sieges, belonged to different owners. Due to those owners of Ross – Ilyinich and Yanovich – at the time, an army was formed that participated in the famous Battle of Grunewald in 1410. Therefore, since the fifteenth century, Ross was often mentioned in the chronicles. The first sole owner of the village was Alexander Khodkevich. A Catholic church was built in 1611 in the territory of Ross. Unfortunately, the building has not preserved until modern times.

After the division of the Rzech Pospolita in 1795, Ross belonged to the Russian Empire. The settlement began to develop rapidly when a railway station appeared there in 1886.

From 1921 to 1939, it was part of Poland. In 1939, it belonged to the BSSR. In 1958, Ross was granted the status of an urban-type settlement.

 A “Dollhouse”

A Gardener’s House is one of the most interesting sights of Ross. Once it was part of the estate of the Pototsky family, which existed in the XVII-XX centuries. The manor house itself was not preserved, but Napoleon Orda captured this luxurious estate. Besides, a park with old trees indicates the former grandeur of the estate.

Though the estate house has not preserved till nowadays, we can see the wonderful Gardener’s House. When you look at it, it is hard to imagine that a gardener lived in the house – it's such a beautiful and well-maintained building. Its exterior resembles a dollhouse: soft pink walls with white stucco, red tile roof, which can be meet in a small European town, arched windows.

It is worth coming to the village of Ross. In addition to the Gardener’s House, you'll see the biggest water mill in Belarus, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, ruins of the estate of the Pototsky family. Ross will definitely impress you with its cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

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