The House-museum of Petrus Brovka in the village of Putilkovichi

The House-museum of Petrus Brovka in the village of Putilkovichi



It’s wonderful, when there are places which can acquaint you closer with the outstanding figures of Belarus. A huge number of museums operate in Minsk, one of them is the State Literary Museum of Petrus Brovka. This museum has a branch located in the picturesque village of Putilkovichi in Ushachsky district, Vitebsk region – the writer’s homeland. The nature of Ushachsky district is rich in a variety of small clear lakes, trees of different species, clear streams and springs. The silver sinuous Ushachka River flows in the village, and the area of the district itself is quite hilly. Lush green grass carpet is covered with wild bushes and dense forests, and the cleanest air and the smell of summer drive you mad. The local nature is great in winter too – everything is shrouded with snow-white veil, and bare trees, slightly powdered with snow, contrast against the snow background. All this beauty attracts here hundreds of tourists every year.

Petrus (Peter) Ustinovich Brovka is a national poet of the BSSR, an outstanding prose writer, a laureate of a great number of awards, lots of awards holder, the Communist Party of the USSR member. Peter was born in a large family, he had five brothers and four sisters. The family lived in poverty, and the boy worked from the early age. Names of Brovka’s parents were Adam and Eve, and being an adult, he often joked about it. The future poet graduated from school in the town of Lepel, and then from Pedagogical Faculty, BSU (1931). Peter Ustinovich worked for the front and partisan press during the war years. After the World War II, Brovka became the chief editor of “Polymya” magazine, and worked there until 1948. Peter Ustinovich worked as chief editor of the Belarusian Soviet Encyclopedia from 1967 to the end of his days. Brovka is known for writing such works as “To the native shores,” “Let us sow, Belarusians!”, “Bread”, “Belarus” and many others. The writer’s life and work features were represented in the House-museum of P. Brovka. After all, he was born and grew up, found first friends, heard first poems, created his first works there.

The branch of the Petrus Brovka’s Museum is located in the room of one hundred and twelve square meters. The museum represents an old wooden hut with a neat porch, which is also made of wood. There is a metal plate with the name of the museum near the front doors. There is a monument with the inscription about the poet's mother not far from the hut. She lived in this place at one time. The branch opened its doors for the visitors in June 1985 and operates to this day. There is an exhibition showing the poet’s life in the village and first years of its work in the House. Here you can find original documents, papers, copies of manuscripts and books. The writer's everyday objects are also presented in the hut-museum. And the village itself evokes thoughts of the poet’s peasant life at the beginning of the last century. It is worth visiting the House-museum, because it’s the only way you can really feel that special atmosphere of beautiful hinterland of Belarus, which exists here.

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