Kazimir Svayak House Museum in Barani village
The exposition "Kazimir's Brother–in-Law's House" was opened on 02.10.2010 in the house where the family of Konstantin Stapovich (Brother-in-law), a priest and poet, lived. The exposition consists of two halls: 1 hall introduces visitors to the life of peasants K. XIX - n. XX art.; 2 hall is a living room from the time of the Stapovich family, Most of the exhibits are the property of this family, found in the attic of the house and at the relatives of the Stapovich. Icons on the walls, printed copies of the books "May Lira", "Golas souls", "Joya May thoughts ...", copies of documents and photographs of Kazimir Brother-in-law, his family and friends.

The pride of the museum's exposition is arnat (the outerwear of the Roman Catholic leadership, in which Kazimir Svoyak probably led the service).

Among other religious items is an imshal (prayer book), printed in Rome in 1905, according to which a funeral ceremony was held in the Kamai Church.


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