The House-Museum of Adam Mitskevich in Novogrudok

Novogrudok is a town in Grodno region, over 150 km from Grodno. The first mention of Novogrudok dates back to 1044. Since the XVI century, the town was part of the Rzech Pospolita, Novogrudok was granted the Magdeburg rights in 1511. After the third division of Poland, the town joined the Russian Empire. Later Novogrudok belonged to Poland. Before World War II, the town became part of the Belarusian land.

One of the museums of Novogrudok: Adam Mitskievich House-Museum

The House-Museum of Adam Mitskevich on Lenin Street is very popular among other attractions in Novogrudok.

Adam Mitskevich was a Belarusian-Polish poet. He was born in Belarus.

The future poet was born in a noble family in Novogrudok. In 1815, Adam Mitskevich entered the Vilnius University; he was responsible for patriotic youth clubs. Because of his underground activities, Mitskevich was persecuted by the local authority. In 1824, he was exiled from Lithuania. But the exiled poet showed great interest in politics. In Russia, he communicated with the Decembrists, Russian poets and writers.

In 30-ies of the XIX century, Adam Mitskevich tried to realize his ideas and use his knowledge abroad: he lived in Dresden, Paris, and Constantinople. The poet died in times of the cholera outbreak on November 26th, 1855.

The history of creation of the Adam Mitskievich House-Museum in Novogrudok

The history of the future museum begins in 1804 when the father of Adam Mitskevich bought the estate, where he built a wooden house. Three years later, a fire destroyed the wooden building, and it was decided to build a new brick house. Adam Mitskevich spent his childhood there. However, the fire did not spare this house – the brick building was severely damaged in 1881. In 1886, the building was rebuilt.

In 1920, the house was taken under state protection. 11 years later, a memorial plaque was mounted on the building. The museum opened in 1938. Unfortunately, the museum was almost destroyed and its artifacts were stolen during World War II. The restoration of the museum took a long time. When World War II ended, the Museum of Adam Mitskevich opened its door for visitors again.

The architectural appearance of the Adam Mitskievich House-Museum in Novogrudok

The House-Museum of Adam Mitskevich in Novogrudok is a one-storey rectangular brick building. The entrance of the main facade has a vestibule, which was completed by a triangular fronton. Windows are also rectangular.

You may attend the museum every day except Monday from 9 am to 18 pm. Excursions are available in four languages: Russian, Belarusian, English, and Polish.

Excursions on the exposition of the Adam Mitskievich House-Museum in Novogrudok

Novogrudok is a tourist pearl of Belarus. Every year thousands of tourists come here not only to visit the house-museum of Adam Mickiewicz, but also to see the Novogrudok Castle, the Church of St. Michael the Archangel and the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord. If you have not yet seen one of the oldest castles on the territory of Belarus or are interested in the work of Adam Mickiewicz - we suggest to book one of excursion tours across Belarus with a visit to Novogrudok: