The House of Environmental Education in Berezinsky reserve

The House of Environmental Education in Berezinsky reserve



The environment protection has been a concern of the conscious residents of the planet for a long time, each of which tends to make a contribution to this noble work. Someone changes cars using petrol to electric vehicles so that not to pollute the air, someone fights actively with deforestation, someone sorts rubbish by separate containers. And the House of environmental education of Berezinsky nature reserve makes science popular with the masses, telling with understandible terms about the mysterious wildlife world.

Berezinsky reserve is a gem of nature heritage of our country. It appeared in 1925 and pursued such aims as rare breeds of animals protection and control over their population. However the goals of the reserve were corrected for those long years: there were even logging enterprises for some time. And the reserve was granted the biosphere status only in 70’s of the last century. Since that time, researches have been made nonstop on its vast territory. Berezinsky biosphere reserve belongs to the protected territory and has an international status. It is located on 75.2 thousands hectares in the north-east of Belarus.

The House of environmental education was built in 1983 in the central part of the biosphere reserve, in the village of Domzheritsy. Congress on nature protection took place in the capital of Belarus in that year, therefore some theme meetings and seminars were held in the House as well. However the unforseen happened in 1996: a terrible fire destroyed practically all of the research collections which had been made for years and books. Considerable sum of money was allocated for the restoration, but it was worth that. Nowadays the renewed House of environmental education functions regularly and invites dear guests in Berezinsky reserve.

The assembly hall of the House of environmental education is designed for two hundred people and its doors are always opened both for experts and common visitors, who are interested in environmental subject matter. Famous performers and amateur groups often play here, it is perfectly designed for meeting at very high level. There is its own conference hall for fourty people, for briefings and press conferences holding, for theme films viewing, for presentations with usage of new equipment in the House.

There is a huge book collection, including international research papers in the House of environmental education. Here you can see the exhibition of animals, enjoy wildlife pictures and even play exciting games. There are also special premises for rare collections preservation in the House of environmental education. And a purchase of nice memorable souvenirs will become the conclusion of this pleasant visit.

The House of environmental education of Berezinsky reserve is popular with the Belaruisian citizens, preferring environmental tourism today. It also catches fancy of those who love and protect the nature. And the picturesque views of this inspired place won’t allow anyone to stay indifferent!

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