Children’s amusement park “Fairy Land” in Orsha

Children’s amusement park “Fairy Land” in Orsha


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Children’s amusement park “Fairy Land” appeared in Orsha in 2008 and is of the same age as its young visitors, which come here with their parents. The “Fairy land” has already been nicknamed as Belarusian Disneyland. Earlier it was usual park, one of the many. But after massive reconstruction works, the “Fairy land” appeared on the map of Orsha, the hospitality of which has no limits. Children’s amusement park “Fairy land” is situated on the Dnieper bank in a picturesue place, that’s why the park has become popular with adults and young residents, who spend their free time with great pleasure here.

The peculiarity of the park is that its residents are street sculptures, personified the characters fr om fairy-tales, which are read by affectionate parents to their little ones before bedtime. A sculpture, which a young guest can recognize as a Gulliver, is at the very entrance to the park. Cheery dwarfs, playful “Three pigs” and even Gena the Crocodile, playing harmonica to his friend Cheburashka, dwell in the park. The season starts on the 1st of May and ends on the 1st of October in the “Fairy land”.

Going around the fairy and cartoon sculptures, a young visitor can ride with pleasure on merry-go-rounds. The merry-go-rounds are not ultra-modern and extreme, but moving in its simplicity, which are close to each and every child, getting used to play on a ground near the house. Thus a labyrinth  in the form of a gigantic dinosaur can be found here, where a pleased small child will be climbing in search of an exit; amiable dolphins can also be found, on which it is easy to jump and fool around due to the springs; and surely a grand castle, where it is possible to roll down on a special slide. And while an indefatigable child has fun on merry-go-rounds, a mother and a father can have a rest in nature at the Dnieper bank to the twittering of the birds far fr om the urban fuss.

Children’s amusement park “Fairy Land” is especially proud of its amphitheatre, where interesting theatre performances suited to every taste, are offered to children and their parents in Orsha. It is possible to take on hire a bike or roller skates so that to ride at rapid pace along the picturesque places. In case you suddenly become hungry after long and active walkings you can have lunch in a cosy cafe “Fairy-tale” on the territory of the park, wh ere there is menu both for children and for adults. You are recommended to taste cotton candy for dessert, which you can buy from a friendly girl. A remarkable fact is that there is a personal railway with an impressive engine and a real engine driver, that is very interesting for young travellers. A monument to Vladimir Korotkevich, who was born in Orsha and wrote a lot of books, including into the cultural fund of Belarus, has been opened recently.

Time flies quickly at such a merry and playful place for a young visitor. A child is smiling, cheerful, active and his eyes are full of blissful happiness! And what can be better for any parent?

Children’s amusement park “Fairy Land” is a place in Orsha, wh ere dreams come true!

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, Orsha , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 190 km

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