Children's railway in Minsk

Children's railway in Minsk

Minsk, Av. Independence, 86

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There are many amazing sights in Minsk (we already wrote about the top 50 places in the Belarusian capital in our Blog). It is time to introduce you to another amazing place - the Children's Railway. And why is it childish and how it differs from an adult - read on.

More than 60 years: the history of the Zaslonov Children's Railway

Small Belarusian - this Minsk got a nickname almost immediately after its appearance. It is already more than half a century old: the Children's Railway in Minsk originates as early as July 9, 1955. Then the Kp locomotive cruised along the tracks, as well as 6 carriages made of wood. In 1967, there were already 2 of them (these were diesel locomotives of the TU2 series No. 010 and 113), the cars were replaced with full metal ones. The name Konstantin Zaslonov (as is well known, was the name of the famous Belarusian partisan who was a railroad worker), Children's Railway received in 1971. In honor of this event, the main station, called the Park of Culture, was renamed Zaslonovo.

Over time, the Children's Railway in Minsk began to need repairs and modernization.

In 1987 they did the following:

  • set the autolock,

  • built a building specifically to accommodate the control room (it is located at one of the stations on the Children's Railway route - Pionerskaya),

  • the ballast layer, which consisted of sand, was replaced with rubble,

  • a diesel locomotive (TU7A-2782) was launched along the tracks, as well as six new PW40 cars at once.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: the old diesel locomotives TU2-010 and TU2-113 are outdated, therefore they were written off with time. The latter, by the way, is part of the exposition of the Brest Museum of Railway Machinery. So you will be on an excursion to the Brest Fortress, which is located very close to the museum, be sure to look there!

In 2005, the small Belarusian railway turned 50 years old. In honor of the 50th anniversary, she was presented with 6 repaired cars. Three years later, purchased a diesel locomotive TU7A-3350.

In 2009, a training center opened at the Children's Railway. It contains specialized and historical classes, as well as a fully equipped computer room.

Children's railway: excursions, good traditions and training

Children's railway in numbers is:

  • not thousands, but only 4.5 km of railway tracks (with a little less than 4 km - 3.79, more precisely, it falls on the main road),

  • the track is record-breaking - only 750 mm (this value is almost half as much as in standard ways),

  • trains go on Children's Railway every 35 minutes.

There are three stations on the Minsk Children's Railway, each with its own characteristics:

  1. Zaslonovo is the starting and part-time terminal station, where a diesel locomotive takes place, and then passengers leave;

  2. Pioneer is a station with a technical bias, where various equipment is located, control panels for railway signals and arrows, etc .;

  3. Pine Forest - the name speaks for itself. It is incredibly beautiful here, and it is at this station that passengers are invited to leave the train and warm up.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: there are several good traditions at once on the Children's Railway in Minsk. An exhibition of a detailed and realistic railway layout is being organized here for the Railway Worker's Day. He clearly illustrates the movement of trains. And on May 9, a special scale is celebrated here: the future railway workers change into military uniform (and not just the uniform, but the form of the railway workers of the Second World War times). At the station Pine Forest everyone treats real soldier porridge and organizes an interesting entertainment program.

Spend a perfect day in Minsk with children

Children's Railway named Zaslonova - a great place to stay with children. Nearby is Chelyuskintsev Park, where there are many excellent attractions. Excursions on the Children's Railway are organized from May 1 to the last Sunday of September. What could be better than to go quietly in a miniature trailer, under the comfortable wheelbase, and enjoy the warm weather?

Check out the work schedule and plan the perfect day of rest with your family:

  1. In May and September, Children's Railway is only open on holidays and Sundays,

  2. in the summer it has the following schedule:

  • Wed 11: 30–14: 40

  • Thu – Fr 11: 00–14: 00

  • Sat – Sun 11: 00–16: 40

Children's railway named after Konstantin Zaslonov works and during the winter holidays.

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