Chigirin Reservoir

Are you looking for a picturesque place for excellent fishing and comfortable stay? Then you should visit Mogilev region! It is there, on the border of Bykhov and Kirov districts, there is located a unique reservoir, called Chigirin Reservoir. The artificial pond was created in 1960 to supply the local hydroelectric plant.

Nowadays Chigirin Reservoir is a favorite place for fishing both among local residents and tourists from other districts and regions. The pond is famous for variety of fish. Here inhabits perch, roach, silver bream as well as pike and bream of impressive sizes.  

Annually in the end of July a large-scale sporting event “Big bard-fishing” is hold on the so-called “Sea shore”, where fishermen compete in fishing. Within the framework of the festival here works a wellness bath complex, perform musicians, are conducted master classes and competitions of authors' songs, and also here is hold a degustation of delicious dishes cooked from fish.

We advise to go to Chigirin Reservoir in May or September, because it is the best time for a large catch and relaxing rest.  In the beginning of summer, the coastal area of the reservoir is filled with fishermen, because a great number of tourists from Bobruisk and Kirovsk come here.

Chigirin artificial pond is surrounded by several localities, including Bolonovka, Chechevichi, Galeevka, Grudichino, Podluzhje, Korotkoe and, of course, the village of Chigirinka, situated 30 kilometers from the reservoir. The length of the coastline is 20 kilometers, there are many rest houses and farmsteads. In the village of Chechevichi is a two-storeyed “Chigirin estate”, where you will be welcomed and accommodated by hospitable hosts. The cost of accommodation is $ 20 per a person. Besides cozy rooms and meals, you will be offered to ride mountain bikes, catamarans and boats, swim in a pool, steam in a sauna or sing in a karaoke-bar with friends. For children there is a playground and a trampoline.

A complex of cozy wooden houses is located on the territory of “Chekmareva Manor”, which is also in the village of Chechevichi. Each house offers scenic views of Chigirin Reservoir. The farmstead offers boat rides on the reservoir and the river Drut. Here is everything for active holidays and a comfortable stay! And the hostess of the farmstead Irina – “a lady of the Russian stove” - will prepare dishes of traditional Belarusian cuisine.

It will be interesting for avid hunters to visit Chigirin Reservoir. At "Hunting camp" will tell you which animals you can hunt, what documents are necessary for legal hunting, and also offer escort services of tourists in the thicket. The owners of the estate “Hunting camp” tell you which animals you can hunt, what documents are necessary for legal hunting, and also offer escort services of tourists in the thicket. In addition to standard recreational services (fishing, boating, sport games, sauna), you will be able to try yourself in windsurfing, training yourself in sailing. The cost of accommodation in “Hunting camp” is $ 20 per a person a day.

Chigirin Reservoir is a wonderful place for a rest, fishing and ecotourism all year round. Here you will be able to recreate, breathe pure forest air, taste fresh berries and mushrooms, make new acquaintances and just enjoy the time!