The Chapel in the Estate Complex “Korolinsky folvark of Tyzenhauz” near Grodno

The Chapel in the Estate Complex “Korolinsky folvark of Tyzenhauz” near Grodno


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Have you ever been in Belarusian estates? If so, you should remember the hospitality. Do you know that in Belarus there are other estates, where the past and present coexist? For example, there is the estate complex “Korolinsky folvark of Tyzenhaus” near Grodno.

This means that after visiting Grodno, you can relax and spend time in a beautiful place. The peculiarity of this estate is that it is an old manor, which was built in the XVI century. The estate became popular in the XVIII century when it belonged to Anthony Tyzenhaus. He was an art patron and entrepreneur engaged in the construction of numerous buildings.

The estate has not preserved in its original form. However, it was restored in 2003. The estate house has become a real pearl of tourism in Belarus. Nowadays, tourists come here to rest and get acquainted with the history of this amazing place. In addition to the estate, there is a magnificent park. It is restored and beautiful. In addition, there is a chapel. Once, wedding ceremonies and christenings took place there. These ceremonies are held to this day.

The small chapel of rubble stone stands in a shady alley. The beautiful, well-maintained building with white windows surprises with its simplicity and beauty. People come here on rainy and sunny days. Locals like going to the chapel; they are glad that the restored estate has got a second chance at life and has become even more beautiful and interesting. The small chapel, hidden from prying eyes, keeps the spirit of the past and present.

It is recommended to get inside of the chapel for a while. You will experience the atmosphere, which you may not have ever met anywhere else. Probably, you have been in such small chapels. What’s so unusual about this one? When you get to a place with its own story, you feel a touch of the past and a great responsibility for the future.


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, Karolino , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 330 km

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