The Chapel of the tomb in the village of Jerdyajie

The history of the Chapel of the tomb in the village of Jerdyajie

In the northwestern part of a small village Jerdyajie there is an interesting construction that attracts a lot of people. It’s a chapel of the tomb that is situated at the cemetery. Of course the place is not the most pleasant for touristic excursions but it doesn’t matter because it’s a part of historical culture of the 19th century.

You can get to Jerdyakie by excursion tour as well as by car. If you go from Minsk it is just 47 km far from the place.

The description of the Chapel of the tomb in the village Jerdyajie

The chapel is an old building (1860) in neoclassical style. If you are good at architecture you can easily be sure of it watching its details. At the entrance there is a board “DOM” and under it there is the year of the building. Most of people associate these letters with the word “house’ but actually it’s an abbreviation that means “For the Great Best God”. These words are written on many churches, cathedrals and crypts. On the roof of the construction there is a small cross from wood. The building itself is rather old and brick is can be seen on the walls. But it makes the chapel more attractive for funs of old architecture of the 19th century. The chapel is unique because it gives us the atmosphere of that time.

There are a lot of discussions about the person that was buried here. But now we only know the person who built it.  Not far from the chapel in 1920 a small cemetery for died soldier appeared here. There are remains of polish soldier heroes who died protecting their land from invaders. There is also a separate repository with a cross where an abbreviation is scripted. The translation tells us that it’s a grave for unknown soldiers, warriors from Bolshevik army.

The place is very interesting for people who prefer not expensive but interesting travelling. A trip to Jedyajie is included in mane excursion programs for active leisure and weekends tours.