The Milosh family’s estate in the village of Milashovo

The village of Milashovo is located in Miorski district of Vitebsk region. It is mentioned side by side with the celebrated surname of the Miloshes, world-famous. The representatives of the Milosh family glorified and immortalized two Belarusian populated areas – Chereya and Milashovo. We’d like to dwell on the sight of the last one. 

Glorious family representatives 

The estate in Milashovo acquired its own estate complex in the second half of the XIX century. At that time, to be more precise, in 1862 a family burial vault appeared on the territory of the village, which was the last refuge for the dynasty of the Milosh’s representatives, and right up to 1917, when the Soviet power came to Miorshchina. The ancestors of two glorious representatives of the family rest here – Oskar and Cheslav Milosh, who brought popularity into Milashovo and Chereya.

Oskar Milosh was a Lithuanian diplomat, born on the territory of Belarus, in the village of Chereya. He lived for a long time in France, was fond of mysticism and kabbala. A great number of mystic and poetic works and dramas issued from his pen. In addition to this, Francois Mauriac and Oscar Wilde were his friends. The nephew of Cheslav Milosh is equally known, who also found himself actually in the field of literature. Being quite a famous Polish poet, he became the Noble Prize winner at literature for his literary achievement in his time.

Thus, while travelling through Braslav land, we advice you to drop at the chapel of the Miloshes, which is not less important, than a residence, located in Milashovo, the one we are going to talk about. 

The estate complex of the Miloshes

Those who are fond of the estate and park architecture are surely to like the patrimony of the Miloshes, located in Milashovo. The architectural monument strikes with its preservation, besides, it has recently been reconstructed (from 2005 till 2008). The complex consisted of the estate house itself, outbuildings, lanscape park and ledovnya. By the way, all of the ensemble component have preserved to the present.

The estate house is one-storeyed with spacious mansard and a balcony. The main entrance is accentuated with four columns. At that time, when the Miloshes lived in their residence, there was a most spacious library, where books in different languages, incuding Russian, Polish, French and the others were presented. Aside from that there were historical treatises and the literature, devoted to agriculture.

The park, being a part of the ensemble can not boast about the plenty of exotic trees’ races, but the maples, chestnuts andlime trees, growing here along with little but picturesque water bodies drew a unique picture of comfort and placidity. A distinctive feature of the estate house was also the presence of cold cellars under the house, where perishable goods were kept. There was also a well with clean spring water.

A beautiful estate, well-preserved family chapel – all of this won’t let tourist indifferent, whose route runs through Milashovo.