The chapel-burial vault of Karol Moravsky in Dushkovo

The chapel-burial vault of Karol Moravsky in Dushkovo


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The chapel-burial vault of Karol Moravsky appearance history in Dushkovo

Not far fr om the famous agro-town of Rakov, to the west of Minsk, there is a land with unusual and picturesque places. This land is called the village of Dushkovo. In addition to the picturesque beauty of nature, this area has equally interesting historical and cultural landscape. There is Dushkovo estate in this village, which began to grow from a modest farm into a large estate yard starting from 1794.

In 1816, when the estate owner N. Saltykov died, the possession right was given to Karol Moravsky. He was an honorable employee, who was known as a general, who had served in the Lithuanian army starting from earliest years. He spent quite a lot of time in the estate, lived a quiet life and kept the household. After Moravsky’s death, his body was transported to Dushkovo. Historians are convinced that it was his own will to be buried in the place he loved so much and valued. He was buried next to the wooden chapel, which was on the estate territory since Karol had bought the stead. Near the chapel, a new chapel-burial vault was made of stone, wh ere Moravsky lies.

Description of Karol Moravsky’s chapel-burial vault in Dushkovo

Among all the buildings of Dushkovo estate, its main attraction is considered to be the chapel-burial vault above the tomb of Moravsky. The chapel, like the whole homestead, is abandoned. Over time, the buildings began to crumble and gradually lose their original appearance.

Considering the ruthlessness of the destruction, a sign on the chapel survived by a miracle, though it suffered a lot from the actions of vandals. Numerous damages on the plate do not allow you to read all the information, however, something can be recognized from the remains. It will not be difficult for history experts to compare historical facts and individual words on a plate with each other in order to retell its content. It says that Karol Moravsky was a count in three armies alternately, as well as a knight of various orders, which are listed there.

Not far from the chapel of Moravsky there is another tomb, made in a similar style. It does not have an identification plate, but there is a small altar with a cross inside it. It is known from historical chronicles, that there was a beautiful icon of the Last Supper on the altar, which is the creation of an unknown author. There are suggestions, that the last wife of Karol, Theresa or the second wife named Katerina is buried in this second chapel, which seems to create a complete ensemble with the Moravsky’s vault. It could be the daughter of Moravsky also, but these are just assumptions.

Picturesque landscapes and historical architectural buildings of the village of Duskovo attract tourists with their uniqueness. The travellers are eager to visit such secluded corners of the country to see not yet completely lost cultural values, which allow you to touch the past.


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