The Chapel-Tomb of Christ the Savior in the Village Ahremovtsy

The village Ahremovtsy is situated in the vast expanses of the colorful Braslav district. It could to be just one of many Belarusian villages known to nobody, if it were not its attraction of stunning beauty attracting true connoisseurs of the perfect to the small village. The name of this miracle is the Chapel-Tomb of Christ the Savior.

The village Ahremovtsy that was originally called Belmonty is situated not far from Braslav, in the picturesque place the bank of Drivyaty Lake. The name “Ahremovtsy” comes from the surname Ahremovichi – of a wealthy family that owned these vast lands in the XVII century. Earlier in Ahremovtsy there was the majestic palace Manutsi that has not survived to the present day. Now you can admire it only on the paintings of the talented artist Napoleon Orda.

The chapel-tomb appeared in the XIX century and has perfectly survived to our days. In Ahremovtsy you can observe an original complex where, apart from the main tomb, there have survived a massive fence, a main gate and two small chapels located at different corners. You can visit the monument of culture with a tour group or independently. It is not difficult, since the chapel has convenient location: at the end of the village near the highway.

The attraction is located in the local cemetery. Its construction was initiated by Count Plyater wishing to have his own family tomb.

The chapel-tomb in the village Ahremovtsy was designed in Retrospective Gothic, original and popular at the time. This monumental structure is made of brick in the shape of a rectangle with a gable roof. The main facade presents two towers with a stepped attic between them. The building is remarkable due a rose-window that is compulsory for such structures and common for Gothic buildings. As you know, in terms of architecture a rose is a round window opening of impressive size, divided by figured elements resembling a star or a flower in full bloom. Now the most the world-known window- rose can be seen in the Notre Dame Cathedral. On top of the towers of the tombs there are steeples with crosses rising high to the sky and light penetrates into the great hall through special arced windows located on each side.

The beautiful chapel located in the village Ahremovtsy, due to its style, looks like a beautiful temple that has survived since the middle ages. And to see it, it is better to choose a free weekend and to variegate them with an amazing walk into the past. The Chapel-Tomb of Christ the Savior in the village Ahremovtsy is so majestic, elegant and beautiful that will impress even the most experienced traveler.