The Chapel of St Elijah in Glubokoe

The fabulous Vitebsk region in every its large and small location keeps a lot of mysteries and secrets strongly rooted in the history of the Belarusian people. In the town Glubokoe there is an attraction deserving special attention of historians and connoisseurs, which is named the Chapel of St Elijah that is included into the list of historical and cultural property of Belarus.

Glubokoe is a beautiful small town in the Vitebsk region that is also famous for its temple and church that are similar at each other. The town Glubokoe is surrounded by several splendid lakes. The origin of the town is connected with one of these lakes. Glubokoe has been known since 1414. At the time it was a trading location of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Its residents were perfect merchants and had close ties with many largest cities ranging from Koenigsberg to Warsaw.

The Catholic Chapel of St Elijah was constructed in the XVIII century. And everyone can still see it in the cemetery “Koptevka”. The exterior of the chapel refers to structures in Classicism and leaves a lasting impression on everyone that comes to admire it. It is believed that there was a wooden church built by Carmelites on this site until the construction of the chapel. It is not a Gothic building with steeples aiming skyward and vaults, but a squatter, solid structure perfectly harmonizing with the cemetery spirit.

The Chapel of St Elijah in Glubokoe embodies precision, simplicity and rationality that are a characteristic of Belarusian and European buildings in Classicism. It is a quiet and sacred place perfect for praying. The Catholic chapel above its main entry has a small tower. Earlier walls of the chapel had been decorated with numerous splendid frescos until in the 1930-s they were not plastered. During the Soviet period the Catholic chapel was unable to function and was gradually falling into decline. In the 80-s of the XX century over long inactivity the chapel’s roof caved in that spoiled the wonderful painting.

The old Chapel of St Elijah in Glubokoe is one of the main attractions of the country that attracts those who are not indifferent to historical and cultural heritage of the native land.