The Chapel of St. Dominic in Slonim

The Chapel of St. Dominic in Slonim


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Slonim is one of the ancient towns in Grodno region. Moreover, it has a roadside chapel of St. Dominic, the Orthodox and Catholic churches, and one synagogue. It is highly recommended to visit this town in Belarus.


You will find information about this town in guidebooks and on the websites of various travel agencies. But the most interesting you will find when you come to this beautiful Belarusian town. What to see in addition to the sights mentioned above? It depends on the preferences of each person. Someone prefers visiting museums, while others – architectural monuments, or just wandering around the historic center. And someone prefers “hanging out” in a cafe the whole day. As you see, there are a lot of variants. It is recommended to pay attention to the roadside chapel of St. Dominic in Slonim.

The history of the chapel

The chapel is located in the western part of the town of Slonim. It is near the road, so everyone passing by may pray to Saint Dominic. It is interesting: in ancient times, the chapel was located on the outskirts of Slonim. Today, you can see how the town has grown over time. By the way, the roadside chapel was built in 1745 and since then it has not changed but was restored.

The chapel resembles the upper tier of the tower of the church. You will find a statue of St. Dominic inside the chapel. This white stone building is located near the road and it is rather hard to miss it. Everyone, even who rides in a car, may ask for the blessing. In addition, the chapel is an integral part of the architectural ensemble of the town, although it is not in the center.

Saint Dominic  

Who was that Saint Dominic and how was he linked with the town? Many tourists wonder when visiting the Belarusian town of Slonim. Dominic was a Spanish Catholic monk. When he was young, he gave his clothes and money to the poor for a long time. It is also known about the resurrection of the deceased. Later, Dominic was canonized.

But it is not known why the Chapel of St. Dominic in Slonim is roadside. History is a very interesting thing and keeps much of the past. It's great that people keep the past in Slonim. Tourists are surprised when coming to the town from different countries.


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