The Orthodox chapel in the village of Polykovichi

Along the picturesque river Dnieper is located the village of Polykovichi which is popularly known for its healing spring. Numerous researches prove that the water in the spring is rich in minerals, especially in calcium and heals people from all kinds of diseases and also has a wholesome effect on women, helping to give birth to healthy children and to build a strong family. The village Polykovichi is also famous for the fact that in tsarist times here loved to come Nicholas II with his wife Alexandra Feodorovna, who was so fond of sandy beaches and beautiful nature along the Dnieper River.

Near Polykovichi’s spring is one of the famous attractions – the Orthodox chapel in the name of St. Martyr Paraskeva, surnamed “Friday”, built by Lithuanian Governor-General Alexander Rimsky-Korsakov in 1892. According to legend, St. Martyr Paraskeva lived in the 3d century and was named by her parents Friday, because they honored the day of the sufferings of the Lord. Paraskeva’s fate was tragic. Being quite young, she took a vow of chastity, dedicating herself to God. Once cruel pagans seized her and tormented her. They used terrible and various methods of torture, but the young Martyr was adamant. When the pagans threw her into prison, God healed Paraskeva, all bleeding wounds were cured, but it did not save the girl. Next day she was beheaded.

At all times Saint Great Martyr Paraskeva has enjoyed great people's love and veneration, and in Polykovichi’s chapel every year on November 10 is commemorated the Day of St. Paraskeva – the patroness of families, fields and cattle. From the 8th to the 10thFridays after Easter pilgrims from around the world come to Polykovichi to conduct prayer services and a solemn procession with a cross, called an icon-bearing procession. It is believed that in these days the water in the spring has powerful healing properties.

During the years of the October revolution the chapel in Polykovichi was destroyed and only 70 years later it was restored. The appearance of a new chapel is almost no different from the former image – a five-domed square building of dark red brick with a tracery roof, rising above the life-giving spring. Surprisingly, but the new building of the Orthodox chapel was built on the personal funds of a married couple from Germany Alla and Dieter Arnold, who were regular parishioners of the chapel. The Arnolds were baptized on the day when the chapel was consecrated by the Archbishop of Mogilev and Msislavl Maksim in June, 2000.  

Over the Holy spring and the Orthodox chapel raises “the gem of Mogilev region” – the Church of the Holy Trinity, consecrated in January, 2012. The relics of Saint Great Martyr Paraskeva are kept in the Church. And in the chapel you will be able to see the Holy icon of Nicholas II.

Go to Polykovichi and visit this sacred ensemble, be sure to drink the water and bathe in the life-giving spring, pray to saint Martyr Paraskeva and take a walk through picturesque places, where once rested the Royal couple!