The tomb chapels at Calvary cemetery in Minsk

The tomb chapels at Calvary cemetery in Minsk


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The history of the tomb Chapels at the Minsk Calvary cemetery

From the beginning of XX century in the North-Western part of Minsk there was formed the small size of the cemetery, where they buried the local aristocrats. After two centuries the territory of the cemetery is already included in line of Minsk and was considered to be the oldest cemetery in the city. Here they buried the people before 1967. Among the famous people buried in the cemetery there are several graves and tombs of people such as Y. Luchina (the famous poet of the XIX century), V. Ivanovsky (figure movements of the XX century in Belarus), J. Damel (the famous author of artistic and historic works). Also, in addition to well-known figures of Belarus in these areas have found peace representatives known throughout the neighborhood in those days birth. The information in the archives here you can find evidence that in earlier times there could conceivably bury the Radzivill  and Poniatowski family, but this is just speculation.

Description of the tomb Chapels at Calvary cemetery in Minsk

To have survived in good condition a few buildings chapels, tombs, located at Calvary cemetery. These chapels belonged to the most noble and famous families. According to the construction of the chapel consisted of two parts: a basement crypt with a neat entrance for the burial of the dead – the first part, and upstairs was a room for prayer – the second part. The project for the construction of these buildings was the most noble and respected wizard of those days.

Today, dilapidated buildings little remains, but you can see from some of the carved stone they were made, how to use ceramics in the building. The chapel is made in the style very typical for the architecture of the XIX century. The building of shrines made of brick, have a very restrained facades, decorations on the walls are almost never used, which is quite typical for the later period. The fronts of all chapels are similar, except for its Central part.

Alas, most of the tombs, which are included in the list of historical and cultural monuments has already been almost destroyed.

Even the fact that since 1990 the County this cemetery is under the state protection, does not stop the attempts of the looting of the crypts and acts of vandalism on the graves. The fact of desecration of the national level is only part of what ails the local authorities. There is the fear that an autopsy is very ancient graves can cause the spread of infections and diseases. For more control over these egregious cases and for protection of constructions has established a special organization under the Red Church.

Also, besides the constructions of the tombs at the cemetery there is another landmark of Minsk, which is included in the list of historical values of Belarus. The Church of the exaltation of St. Cross, built in neo-Gothic style for Catholics, refers to the buildings of the XIX century.

Overall, this place reflects the spirit of history and can serve as a good example of the architectural constructions of the XIX century.

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