Spartak Paper Mill
Shklovskaya Paper Mill is a monument of industrial architecture of the late XIX century, founded in 1898 by the Russian Minister of Railways Krivoshein, for the production of cardboard and wrapping paper.

In 1918, the factory was nationalized and declared state property. The name "Spartak" was assigned to the factory by the Gomel Gubernarchoz in 1922. In the following years, the factory updated its production and expanded. By 1940, paper production reached 10,400 tons per year.

During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1944), the factory was destroyed, and the equipment was exported to Germany. Work on the restoration of the factory began in 1944 and was completed in 1947 with the commissioning of paper machine No. 1.

In 1958, a tissue paper workshop was built. In 1993, the factory was transformed into the open joint stock company "Paper Factory "Spartak". The workshops of the 19th century edition are still preserved. Everything is in working condition. The office building has also been preserved in its original form. It is considered a monument of civil architecture with elements of the "modern" style. In 1998, the factory celebrated its centenary. Currently, the three papermaking machines available at the factory produce cardboard, wrapping and packaging types of paper, paper for wallpaper and corrugation.