Braslav Local History Museum

Braslav Local History Museum



Visit a local museum is the best and easiest way to get acquainted with the history of any place. You may explore unique exhibits reflecting the peculiarities of people’s life.

Braslav has a distinctive and long history. Not surprisingly, the local history museum has become popular abroad.

Museum collections

In order to open a museum, it is necessary to have at least the minimum number of exhibits. Braslav museum was lucky – it received a rather extensive collection, which collected for decades under the guidance of historian and ethnographer A. Gorelik. The museum was founded in 1984 but only four years later the first visitors could attend the exhibition.

The Braslav local history museum had 700 most interesting exhibits. In total, there were about 4 million exhibit items. Over the years, the collection has been enriched with the help of participants of various historical events of the region, historians, and archaeologists. Today the total number of exhibits is over 30 thousand items.

Main exhibitions

Initially, there was only one exhibition in the Braslav local history museum. However, the collection expanded and new materials appeared over time.

Today, you may attend six exhibitions on a regular basis. Temporary exhibitions are organized as well, dedicated to a particular historical event.

The section of archeology includes interesting exhibits from the ancient period (metal jewelry, tools) to the late Middle Ages (castle fortifications and layouts of cities).

There are two rooms dedicated to the topic "Events and People". There is information about such talented people as the doctor and social activist S. Narbut and artist P. Sergievich.

The history of Braslav is also divided into two exhibitions: the first one is dedicated to events and life of people during the XIX-XX centuries (before World War II), the second – the era of Stalin repressions and the post-war reconstruction.

The military-historical section represents unique artifacts of the Great Patriotic War, including machine gun “Maxim”, all kinds of weapons used at that time, as well as tragic aspects of people’s life during combats and liberation.

Finally, the sixth hall represents the ethnographic side of Braslav and includes elements of craft and musical culture.

It is impossible to represent all the local historical and natural attractions in the Braslav Local History Museum, so off-site excursions are popular, especially in summer time. The route "Castle Mountain - the heart of Braslav lands" and a tour to the village Slobodka are the most popular.

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