Borisov State United Museum

Borisov State Museum opens its doors for those who want to plunge into the history of the town of Borisov and all Belarusian lands in general. Due to its large-scale expositions you will go back a few centuries ago.

Opening and work of the Borisov Museum in Belarus

The museum was founded in 1946.The main theme of the expositions is the war of 1812. So, you can see not only traditional bullets (buckshot, rifle), shells, elements of weapons and so on, but also quite specific and unique exhibit items that you won’t see anywhere else.

Gradually, evaluating the numerous exhibit items fr om different eras, which were stored in a special place, it was decided to expand the exposition. Today there are about 57 thousand exhibit items.

Since Borisov State Museum was expanded, its branch was opened in the village of Zembin, which is known as the Museum of National Glory. There are many unique and interesting items.

An important place in the museum is occupied by the corner of I.Kh. Kolodeev, who was not only a Borisov landowner, but a bibliophile and collector. He collected a whole library on the history of 1812. The collection of books was composed of more than 11 thousand volumes. It consisted of manuscripts, magazines, portraits of officers, generals and 7 thousand subject parts.

Exposition of the Borisov State Museum

The cultural and religious life of Borisov and surrounding areas can be traced by moving from one room to another, wh ere you can find the most entertaining exhibit items.

  • It is better to start with the ancient period, "The oldest settlements in the area." Here you will find items and tools made of iron, bronze, glass, bone, wood, and other materials of those times. All of them are handmade. The high level of craft caused the development of the town and strengthened trade relations with neighboring towns and even countries.
  • In addition to the aforementioned war with Napoleon in 1812, two halls of the museum are devoted to the period of the Great Patriotic War. The section “The Occupation Regime in Borisovshchina” tells about the first days of the war, about the plight of the inhabitants of the city and district who were under occupation, about the emergence of camps for prisoners of war. The appearance of the underground and partisan movement is described by documents and personal belongings of the war period.
  • In “writing monuments”, you can find not only tomes and print publications of different times but also writing utensils, preserved and restored.
  • Borisov is a native town to many famous and talented artists. There are paintings of N. Ryzhy, N. Isaenko, V. Shkarubo, A. Anikeichik and many others.

What else can you see in Borisov?

Borisov is one of the oldest cities in Belarus, which pleases travelers with a number of interesting sights. Arriving here on an excursion, you will see: