Glassworks "Neman” in Berezawka

In Lida district of the Grodno region, on the picturesque banks of the majestic Neman River, a small town of Berezawka is situted, which is home to so many people. The majority of city residents works at the local Glassworks "Neman". Certainly, many people remember original crystal glasses produced in Berezawka, which stood in a massive Soviet cupboards of almost every house and on an every festive table. Fragile company’s products - is an elegant style, quality, fine workmanship and skillful combination of classical forms with modern innovations. Thanks to these components, a wonderful production of the enterprise is popular for decades,  among the domestic consumers as well as foreign colleagues, especially in France, where the red wine in a beautiful glass - is an integral part of the culture.

Berezawka city was formed in the 19th century in the vicinage of “gut” - glass workshops. And Berezovsky Glassworks "Neman" appeared in the late 19th century, when Zenon Lensky, in a small area in the forest, organized a small glass factory for making beer bottles. It was later rented by a famous chief engineer V. Krayevsky of the Dyadkovsky plant and the head of the art workshop Y. Style. Thanks to the new owners a small plant reborn anew. German equipment was purchased, thanks to which the plant products were exported in huge quantities. The company, in addition to crystal glass, produced the chemist utensils as well.

The production was rapidly expanding and as a consequence - the growing range of products. Berezovsky Glassworks "Neman" began to produce practically everything, from glasses and wine glasses, to tea-service and the sugar bowls of stunning beauty. During two bloody world wars, that brought death and destruction on the territory of Belarus and the small Berezawka city in particular, the plant was significantly affected as well, but rapidly recovered after the war, and soon became one of the leading enterprises of the USSR in the field of glassmaking. And since then, when talented artists came to Berezawka, the original handmade works appeared. Berezovsky Glassworks «Neman» is very proud of it today.

The best items that have been collected over the years, Berezovsky Glassworks "Neman" exhibits in a personal museum, where the brand Berezovsky crystal is presented, smoked glass with fine thread, referring to the works of Venetian masters. Today, the company products are exported not only to neighboring Russia, but even in the CIS countries, starting with Canada and ending with Italy.

Berezovsky Glassworks "Neman" is a production of stunning quality and style, which will decorate any festive table and impress discerning guests. To visit the museum on the Neman river bank is like to touch a fragile like glass, past. You can even see where it all began.