The Pharmacy in Troitskoye Predmestye in Minsk

Trinity Suburb is a unique historical complex, which contains pieces of the history of Belarus fr om different times and in a different form. There are several museums, one of which is a pharmacy located in one of the buildings. It is necessary to note that officially there is no pharmacy-museum in Minsk, but this is the only place in the city where you are given a unique opportunity to plunge into the past of the pharmacy not only in the capital but also in the whole Belarus.

The history of the appearance of a pharmacy in the Trinity Suburb

The pharmacy was opened about three hundred years ago by Jan David Scheib. Initially, the building served as a dwelling house; however, thanks to the efforts of architect Ilya Dyatlov and artists Alexandra Dyatlova and Olga Sazykina, it became a harmonious attribute of the whole Troitskoye Predmestye. By the way, the building was mentioned in the literature in the XVII century, but only in the XIX century it was reconstructed and it was planned to open a pharmacy.

The pharmacy in the Trinity Suburb is not the first one in Minsk, although in those times pharmacology had not been so developed as nowadays. In order to open a pharmacy, it was necessary to have a special charter of the Polish king. It was not easy to receive. In 1659, in Minsk, the first and only pharmacy appeared until 1782. It is necessary to note that the Troitskoye Predmestye was built in accordance with the style and architecture of the XVII century.

The interior of the historic pharmacy in the Trinity Suburb of Minsk

Today, the interior is almost fully preserved, except dark furniture that was quite popular in those times. On the walls, you can see the unique painted tiles made by Alexandra Dyatlova, depicting unusual plants and animals. You can see the main attribute of pharmacy of past centuries – a stuffed crocodile, a symbol of long life and good health. Traditionally, it was hung over the entrance.

In the pharmacy, you can find all the possible pharmacology attributes of those times: jugs, scales, bottles, boxes, flasks, distillers, pans, other utensils, and equipment. Old pharmaceutical and medical books that are preserved today are especially interesting. That means that pharmacies in Minsk were not worse than the European ones of those times.

And, of course, the pharmacy fulfills its primary function. Here you can buy rare species of medicinal herbs and traditional medications. Its option is impressive.

The second floor is the History Museum of the Pharmacy of Belarus

Few people know that there is a real Cabinet of the History of pharmacy on the second floor. However, ordinary tourists are not allowed to visit it. In this room, health specialists get acquainted with achievements in pharmacology and with writings of the great physicians of those times.

There are four rooms: study, selling area, wh ere visitors can purchase the necessary products, and manager office. The XX century interior of most rooms is preserved today.

Visit to the historic pharmacy in Trinity suburb

Probably, over time, this pharmacy may become a museum. Today, everyone can enjoy the unique blend of history and modernity.

Walking in the Trinity suburb, you can visit the unique building of the pharmacy and look at the exposition located inside. In walking distance from you are the key sights of Minsk: