The Alley of the righteous people of the world in Bobruysk

During its existence, a small town of Mogilev region had always been a place of special concentration of the Jewish population. It is known that before the beginning of World War II, according to the Soviet statistics, the number of Jews prevailed over the number of other nationalities in Bobruysk. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, the number of the Jewish population in Bobruysk was significantly reduced. Nowadays, the Jews inhabit lovely Bobruysk town. But during the Second World War, everything was different.

It is known that a large ghetto was formed in the territory of Bobruysk. When the Second World War began, many Jews left Bobruysk, moving to the eastern regions of the country. There were also those who voluntarily joined the ranks of the Soviet army, who desperately fought the enemy. But the fate of those who stayed in Bobruysk was tragic when the Germans captured a small town in Mogilev region. The Jews were the first victims of Nazi Germany, who experienced many horrors in the ghetto.

In memory of those cruel years, the Alley of the righteous people of the world appeared near a building of the former gymnasium in Bobruisk. It is dedicated to courageous and brave Belarusians who saved the Jewish population from death at the expense of their lives. Leonid Levin and his daughter are authors of that memorial. The opening of the memorial took place on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Bobruysk from the Nazi invaders. The length of the Alley is about thirty meters. There are huge stones with the initials of the saviors, who saved the Jews in Bobruysk from death during the war. The memorial is completed with a tree-shaped monumental stone embodying wonderful existence, as well as a split heart symbolizing the pain of loss. There are phrases in the Belarusian language and Hebrew on the boulder dedicated to the Belarusian righteous who saved the Jews. The alley was erected due to donations of Belarusian citizens, as well as at the expense of the Dutch fund, local Jewish community and Jewish organization in Moscow.

The Alley of the righteous people of the world in Bobruisk is visited by numerous tourist groups, foreign guests, official delegations and ordinary people from Bobruysk. People come to this place to pay tribute to the courage of those numerous residents of the town and its surroundings, who fearlessly and stoically helped the Jewish brothers at the expense of their lives in the most terrible years of military actions.