Agrotourism complex “Korobchitsy”

Agrotourism complex "Korobchitsy" is picturesquely located on the vast expanses of the Grodno region, and, for a short period of time, it acquired loyal admirers from Grodno, curious tourists from every Belarusian town, foreign guests and top officials, who do not deprive this place their attention. Korobchitsy always welcomes dear guests! You can not only have a rest for your soul, but also touch the beautiful past of the Belarusian people, with whom there is a close invisible link. Agro-tourism complex "Korobchitsy" owes its appearance the local slaughterhouse, which brilliantly realized the theory into practice, so Belarusian people got a great authentic place, located a few minutes from Grodno. 

The history of the village Korobchicy in Grodno

The complex is a mansion of the 19th century and from the very first step plunges the visitor into the old days, taken out of the century of scientific and technological progress. Agrotourism complex "Korobchitsy" is a great place suitable for people of all ages. When it comes to adult visitors, they will surely want to visit the atmospheric restaurant "Zamak Zevany" to fully relax and enjoy the fullness of hearty dishes of Belarusian cuisine, which focuses on meat, popular in the time of Stefan Batory. To bring joy to young visitors, the creators of the complex created the original square "Smile" that young guys will remember and boast of on their arrival. Agrotourism complex "Korobchitsy" is particularly proud of its equestrian center "Amadeus Favorite", where you can ride a horse or have a fast ride on a vintage light carriage.

For those who are interested in knight ammunition, there is a special area for thematic battles in Korobchitsy, which attracts modern knights from different countries to compete in professional skills to the delight of many spectators. Spacious open-air cages with living side by side animals are located on the territory of the complex, where you can find even the exotic representatives of fauna. There is also a kindergarten in Korobchitsy for newly born animals, which received a touching name "Clear Garden" among its guests. For folk crafts lovers there are carvers and blacksmiths workshops, where you can see how wonderful things are produced. The landscape park is a real decoration of the complex, where the picturesque ponds with a number of pergolas are located, where you can have a rest from life's adversities and the noise of the modern metropolis. The conservation area takes a great place, where you can ride on an old light carriage with an experienced guide.

To everyone’s joy, agro-tourism complex "Korobchitsy" is open all year round, and you can visit it in a sunny summer day or in a frosty January day before Christmas.

Agrotourism complex "Korobchitsy" is an amazing pearl of the Grodno region and the subject of a real pride of the Belarusians. One who deeply honors the rich traditions and culture of the spiritualized Belarusian people should necessarily visit it.

"Korobchitsy" is a tourist sight of Belarus

The idea of ​​the establishment of a tourist complex near Grodno appeared in 2011. It is a complex of buildings, the main of which is stylized as a 19th-century Belarusian estate. The center and heart of the complex is the Zamak Zevany restaurant, named after the Belarusian pagan goddess of hunt Zevana. In front of the restaurant there is a playground for various events and chivalrous tournaments. In addition, on the territory of the agro-tourism complex "Korobchitsy" are located:

  • workshops of ancient Belarusian crafts;
  • cages with exotic animals and birds;
  • the stable is part of the equestrian complex "Amadeus".
And in walking distance from the sights is the royal city of Grodno. Visit it as part of the excursion across Belarus will not be difficult. Most excursion programs include a sightseeing tour of Grodno and a trip to Korobchitsy.