Sightseeings of Belarus

Sightseeings of Belarus

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Grodno, st. Zamkovaya, 16

There are many unique museums in Belarus. One of these is located in the Royal City. This is the only museum of the history of religion in the country. There you can learn about the development of dif...

Barkolabovo, Dneprovskaya street, 10

In the Bykhovski region, there is an amazing monastery, which is one of the oldest in Belarus. The first mention of it dates back to 1641.


There are many places of pilgrimage in our country. Among them are not only monasteries and temples. To be healed and cleansed of sins, people come to the holy springs of Belarus.

Belarus is not only endless forests, stunning lakes and ancient swamps. There is also a cave in our country!


Grodno is an amazing city that is definitely worth a visit for those who are interested in history and architecture. It is as if you can travel back in time here.


There are many places in the city on the Sozh dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. And it's not just about memorial complexes.


Did you know that in the southern regional center of Belarus there is an attraction with the same name as in St. Petersburg? This is Vosstaniya Square.

At the cemetery in the village of Gorka, on a hill in a wooded area, there are stones-boulders. Three huge stones formed an arch. And within a radius of 2 meters from the arch there is a fourth stone-...

The settlement dates back to about the X-XI centuries of our era and belongs to the period of Slavic colonization of the Permian (lands located within the Neman River). The local population calls this...

In 1904, a new stone Catholic church of the Body of God in the neo-baroque style was built on the site of the old wooden one. The church was consecrated in 1905.    After the Second Worl...

Initially, the temple was made of wood with a single dome and a high bell tower. Until the middle of the 19th century, the service was held according to the Greek Catholic rite. After the uprising of ...

The Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, located in the center of the town of Novoelnya, belongs to the church architecture of the retrospective Russian style. In 1872, the members of th...


Interesting things to see in Belarus

Start acquaintance with the sights of Belarus together with VETLIVA.COM! Famous around the world Mirsky and Nesvizh castles, the oldest Lida Castle, the Castle of Puslovsky and the Rumyantsev Palace - you can spend a whole vacation to inspect them.

And what about nature? Belarus is a country of reserves and national parks. Naroch and Braslav Lakes, Belovezhskaya and Nalibokskaya Pushcha, the Pripyat and Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve are all the riches of the Belarusian territory. Thanks to the online booking service VETLIVA.COM, you can easily relax in these beautiful cantons of Belarus.

How much pain and loss Belarus suffered during the war! The country has perpetuated the strength and courage of its defenders with such memorial complexes as the Brest Fortress, Khatyn, the Glory Mound, the Stalin Line and other places of military glory.

What to say about the architectural masterpieces of the country. St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk, the Farny Church, the Zhirovichi Monastery, the church in Gerviaty, numerous temples and churches amaze with their majesty and spirituality.

And the capital of Belarus is full of various sights. A sightseeing tour of Minsk will introduce you to Trinity suburb, Tear Island, Red Church and the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater. Walking around the city, you will see its modern attractions - the National Library and the famous Minsk-arena.

Photos of attractions and their description are good, but not enough. And it's better once to see and visit them on excursions around Belarus together with VETLIVA.COM!