Tourist and recreational park “Augustow Canal”

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 462 "On the establishment of a visa-free entry and exit procedure for foreign citizens" of December 26, 2017, citizens of 77 states have the right to a visa-free stay on the territory of the tourist and recreational zone "Brest" and tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal" for 10 days.

Tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal" includes Grodno and Grodno region.
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For a visa-free visit to the tourist-recreational park "Augustow Canal" to a foreign citizen it is necessary to purchase a sightseeing tour with the Belarusian tour operator. When buying a tour by a tour operator, a citizen is issued a document confirming the right to visit the tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal".

Foreign citizen has no right leave the territory of the tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal".

During 5days From the date of entry into the territory of the Republic of Belarus, a foreign citizen must register at the place of residence (in a hotel, agro-hotel, sanatorium or apartment that is officially rented out).

A foreign citizen has the right to be on the territory of the tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal" during the whole term of the ordered tour. When you purchase additional tourist services, the period of stay is extended. Total length of stay of the tourist in the visa-free zoneshould not exceed 10 days, regardless of the number of tours purchased
Points of admission of foreign citizens to the tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal":
  • "Bruzgi" ("Kuznitsa Belostotskaya");
  • "Privalka" ("Rajgardas");
  • simple crossing point "Lesnaya" ("Rudavka");
  • simple crossing point "Privalka" ("Shvyandubre");
    railway crossing point "Grodno";
  • checkpoint "Airport" Grodno ".
Required documents:

  • Passport
  • A medical insurance policy worth at least 10,000 €, operating in Belarus
  • Monetary amount in calculation 2 basic values for each day of stay in the country
  • Migration card
  • The document granting the right to visit the tourist and recreational zone "Brest" (it is issued by the travel company when booking and paying for the tour)

In order to obtain the document a foreign visitor is:


Fill out and send the form below at least 24 hours before the expected arrival date.

Full Name*

Date of Birth*

Passport number and serial number
Country of Residence


Skype, Viber, WhatsApp
Arrival date*

Number of persons*
Number of days stay*


Receive confirmation approving a foreign traveler’s right to enter Belarus visa-free, and to obtain tourist service which should be booked in advance.