Getting a visa

Visa to Belarus

Visas in Belarus are issued by the following bodies:

Getting a visa on your own


Prepare the documents

1. Passport

Passport requirements

  • has at least two blank pages intended for visas;
  • with an expiry date at least 90 days after the expiry of the visa;
  • in the case of introduction to an entry visa inscribed in the following document minors there shall be the photos of these persons.

2. One copy of a duly completed visa application form

3. 1 passport photo

Photo requirements

  • size 35x45 mm;
  • full face;
  • plain, evenly lit and light background;
  • high resolution, no corrugation or ink is allowed;
  • full face (70-80 % of the picture);
  • not older than 6 months.

4. Visa support documents, that confirm the purpose and conditions of the visit.

5. Additional documents required (by request of the consular officer).

6. Medical insurance document, concluded with RUE“Belgosstrakh“or“Beleximgarant“or medical insurance contract concluded with any foreign insurance organization.

Health insurance requirements

  • contain the name of a foreign insurance company and its location, phone numbers or international assistance services, as well as the surname, first name, patronym (if any) of the foreign citizen;
  • distribute its effect on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  • be valid for a period of temporary stay or temporary residence of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Belarus;
  • high resolution, no corrugation or ink is allowed;
  • the insured amount not less than 10 000 euros.

7. А confirmation of the consular fee paid.


Apply documents to corresponding consular institution or representation


Receive the documents and get ready for your amusing trip to Belarus!

Getting a visa to Belarus through “CENTREKURORT” company


You send us an application and a passport copy to with a request for visa support.


According to your preferences our managers book a hotel and other services (excursions, transfer, interpreters’ services, etc.) for you.


You pay for visa support, hotel, etc.


We send visa support documents (an invitation – the application and the contract of rendering tourist services) to you and to the diplomatic representation of the Republic of Belarus abroad (consular institution in National airport “Minsk”).


Please note that the procedure of registration for the Belarusian entry visa, as well as the full list of required documents can be found on the website of the Belarusian consular institution, wh ere you are going to apply your documents.

Entry visas at Minsk National Airport

All foreign citizens may apply for a visa on arrival at Minsk National Airport (rates).

Visa support documents (an original invitation and its copy) should be submitted to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by an inviting organization/person at least 2 business days before the expected arrival date. 

Short-term visa Long-term visa
at least 3 business days before the expected arrival date at least 5 business days before the expected arrival date


The officer of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs marks with a stamp the copy of visa support document. The stamp is a confirmation of the receipt of visa support documents.

The Stamp of the Consular Department on the visa support document is a mandatory requirement of air carriers for the check-in procedure of foreign citizens without valid entry visas of the Republic of Belarus.

On the basis of the above-mentioned information, it is strongly recommended to send the copy of visa support document with the stamp of the Consular Department to the invited foreign citizens (by e-mail, fax and etc.) for its submission to the representative of air carrier at the check-in procedure.


Foreign citizens arriving on flights from the Russian Federation will not be able to apply for visas at the DAF. Therefore, they must obtain visas at one of the embassies or consulates of the Republic of Belarus prior to their arrival.