Visa to Belarus

According to the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Belarus” of January 4, 2010 a foreign citizen may enter our country, if there is a visa of the Republic of Belarus.

Procedure for obtaining visas to enter the Republic of Belarus

In the Republic of Belarus, the following categories of visas are provided: 

  • visa for entry into the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter — the entry visa);
  • visa for exit from the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter — the exit visa);
  • visa for exit from the Republic of Belarus and for entry into the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter — the exit-entry visa). 

Visa type
Number of transits
Terms of staying
Single-entry visa 
single transit
up to 90 days
double transit
up to 90 days
Multiple-entry double or multiple transit up to 1 year with the right to stay for up to 90 days


Visa refusal

Belarus traditionally is famous for the hospitality. However in certain cases according to the Belarusian laws ambassadorial and consular establishments could be compelled to refuse to the foreigner issue of the entrance visa.

Reasons for visa refusal:

  • the foreigner violated rules of crossing of frontier or customs rules. However if violation will be  eliminated, entrance can be allowed to the foreigner;
  • period of validity of the passport or other document for departure abroad comes to an end in 90 or less days prior to alleged departure from Belarus;
  • the foreigner is condemned in Belarus or other country for a crime, and its criminal record is not removed or not extinguished;
  • during stay in Belarus the foreigner was attracted to administrative responsibility within a year 2 times and more, this its term yet did not expire;
  • during stay in Belarus the foreigner was involved to administrative responsibility, was fined and did not pay a penalty to the put term;
  • the foreigner cannot confirm that has the amount of money necessary for a covering of expenses on its stay in Belarus or cannot show a guarantee that the necessary amount will appear later;
  • during the previous visit of the foreigner to Belarus expired term of its temporary stay;
  • employees of ambassadorial and consular establishments, employees of a border service have suspicions that the foreigner can remain in Belarus after the termination of term of temporary stay;
  • visit of the foreigner to Belarus threatens interests of a homeland security, protection of moral, a public order, the rights, freedoms or health of citizens of Belarus and other persons;

To avoid refusal in issue of visa for entry into Belarus, it is necessary to take mindfully the preparation of required documents for its registration.

If you have doubts in something, address for explanations to the staff of diplomatic institutions or representatives of the accepting organization.