Vitebsk regional center of Olympic Reserve for winter sports

Vitebsk, Vitebsk, Stroiteley Avenue, 3k3

Sports complex

The description of Vitebsk regional center of Olympic Reserve for winter sports 

In the beginning of the autumn of 2012 in the city of Vitebsk on a decision of the local Executive Committee was opened Vitebsk regional center of Olympic Reserve for winter sports. In this center actively develop and operate 6 different sports: figure skating, biathlon, skiing, skating, ski race, short track.  

Nowadays the number of students in the center reaches 357 people. The coaching staff of the available sports includes 31 people.  In this center are trained athletes for sports reserve of all existing here sports. Vitebsk regional center of Olympic Reserve corresponds to the program on the development of sport in Belarus, prepares good athletes who represent the country in various winter competitions. Preparing and training are held at the highest level, thanks to the good experience of the coaching staff. Many young people from various corners of Belarus want to join Vitebsk regional center of Olympic Reserve, because everyone knows about the level of this center.

The territory of Vitebsk center of Olympic Reserve is quite large. Here is a rollerski track. The maximum length of the circle is 7.5 km. The track has a good system of interchanges, which allows changing its length according to requirements of the organizers of the competition. The width of the covering is 7 meters – it is the widest of all tracks in Belarus. The maximum difference of its height reaches 28 meters. The track has many climbs and descents that complicates passing it even for experienced sportsmen.

Characteristic features of Vitebsk regional center of Olympic Reserve for winter sports 

On the territory of Vitebsk regional center of Olympic Reserve operates a sports and fitness complex that includes sport and weight halls.  In the sport hall the floor is covered with a professional surface which is appropriate for such game sports as football, volleyball, basketball and even for handball. Also here you can spend time playing table tennis. In the weight hall there is various fitness equipment for training all muscle groups. The complex accepts both private visits, and offers to enter into contracts for conducting group training sessions for legal entities.

Not far from the sports town is a hotel with a developed infrastructure. Close to it is located a grocery store, the Local History Museum and even a house of crafts. Inside the hotel there is a proper gym. The hotel was reconstructed in 2014 and therefore it has quite a fresh and neat look both inside and outside. Its spaciousness is quite huge – up to 75 people.

For those who like not only to go in for active sports, but also to eat and relax in a pleasant atmosphere, here is the café “Triumph”. It offers very delicious food, a rich menu, a pleasant modern interior and a polite staff. The café accommodates up to 50 visitors.


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